Schlumberger announced that Chevron has selected Petrel seismic-to-simulation software as one of its next-generation interpretation and earth modeling frameworks.
Chevron business units around the world will now have Petrel software available for integrating geology and geophysics workflows.
According to Peter Breunig, chief information officer of Chevron Energy Technology Co., “Following our internal needs analysis and an extensive market assessment of available products, Chevron selected the Petrel high-performance interpretation and modeling framework solution. We believe it will significantly enhance our teams’ ability to analyze data much more quickly and effectively in a collaborative environment, as well as help reduce the risks associated with exploration. The Petrel framework solution will be integrated with Chevron’s proprietary technology, deployed globally throughout our E&P organization, and will be a key tool for our business operations.”
Using Petrel software, Chevron will develop and deploy proprietary geological and geophysical workflows in addition to standardizing processes. With Petrel all workflow processes support a unified earth model for improved end-user productivity and better decisions in tight timeframes with reduced uncertainty.
“Chevron required a solution that allowed its end-users to easily adopt new proprietary technology for improved reservoir characterization. Petrel has the ability to absorb new technology plug-ins developed using the Ocean application development framework,” said Olivier Le Peuch, president, Schlumberger Information Solutions.
Chevron and Schlumberger are developing the next-generation reservoir simulator, Intersect. The selection of Petrel as one of the next-generation solutions complements this development and will in the future enhance seismic-to-simulation workflows.
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