The Econolift system can be deployed via wireline into a tubing string to provide a gas lift boost where none exists in the original completion or where an existing valve has failed or plugged. The system consists of a BG straddle and an SU gas injection head. The straddle is placed across punched tubing or set across an inoperative gas lift mandrel. The retrievable injection head containing an integral gas lift valve is landed and locked into the top of the straddle to provide metered gas injection into the production string.

Suitable for any well where a requirement for gas lift was not anticipated during the original production string design, the Econolift system is particularly valuable where the cost of a conventional workover would exceed the net present value of the resulting productivity increase. Installation or changeout is simple and straightforward using standard slickline methods and equipment. The slip system is designed for chrome-alloy tubing and will not damage surfaces. Additionally, the SU gas injection head accepts third-party valves.

Between May 1999 and February 2003, 32 systems were successfully deployed in diameters ranging from 7-in. to 41/2-in. The deepest installation was 14,926 ft (4,551 m).