Schlumberger has announced the availability of its StimMAP LIVE hydraulic fracturing diagnostics service. This new service can optimize field drilling and production plans, reduce stimulation costs, and allow process changes to be made in real time to maximize fracture effectiveness.

By analyzing microseismic events created during the fracturing process and automatically locating them in 3-D space, the service maps the fractures while they are being created. As a result, the fracture treatment can be optimized.

“Simultaneous visualization of hydraulic fracture propagation enables operators’ technical experts to make better onsite decisions,” said Belgacem Chariag, president, Well Services, Schlumberger. “They can increase ultimate recovery by optimizing well placement and reduce hydraulic fracturing and completion costs.”

At the heart of the StimMAP LIVE service is a processing platform that automatically detects and locates microseismic events. Incorporation of this processing tool into hydraulic fracturing operations ensures identification and location of microseismic events orders of magnitude faster than hand-picking. Use of the diagnostics in the software provides more reliability than manual methods. With StimMAP LIVE, more events can be identified more accurately during the fracturing operation, assuring better decisions for customers’ reservoirs.

The StimMAP LIVE service has been extensively field-tested in North America, resulting in increased fracture treatment effectiveness and gas recovery from unconventional resources.

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