Sonangol E.P., the national oil company of Angola, has announced a March 13, 2008, submission deadline and guidelines for submission for all pre-qualified companies seeking to submit bid proposals for blocks offered in Angola’s 2007-2008 Licensing Round, which include:

  • Block Centro (Cabinda Onshore);

  • Blocks KON 11 and KON 12 (Kwanza Onshore);

  • Block 9 (Shallow water);

  • Blocks 19, 20 and 21 (Deepwater); and

  • Blocks 46, 47 and 48 (Ultra Deepwater).  

 The proposals must comply with the following principles:

1.   Only the companies that submitted their information and were pre-qualified by Sonangol are allowed to participate in the Angolan Licensing Round 2007/2008. A list of the pre-qualified companies can be found at the Sonangol website ( or

2.   All proposals must be presented in the Portuguese language or, if in another language, they must be presented along with an official translation into Portuguese.

3.   In their proposals, companies submitting bids must indicate their interest in serving as operator or non-operator as well as the minimum or maximum participation interest that they intend to obtain in the blocks for which they are bidding.

4.   Sonangol and its associates will enter into Production Sharing Agreements on the aforementioned concessions. The updated models of the Production Sharing Agreement are also available at the Sonangol website. By presenting their proposals, interested companies acknowledge their acceptance of these contract clauses.

5.   The maps of the blocks on offer are also available on the Sonangol website.

6.   Each company must present its own proposal. Proposals submitted by consortia will not be accepted. Considering that competitive proposals have been requested, Sonangol asks bidding companies not to discuss their possible bids with other oil companies. Non-compliance with this request may compromise the position of these companies during evaluation of their proposals.

7.   Companies submitting bids on blocks are required to purchase the available data package for each block they bid upon. The payment for each data package must be made no later than March 7, 2008.

8.   All presented proposals must be submitted with a financial guarantee of an Angolan commercial bank or a reputable first-class international bank. The value of this guarantee must correspond with the participating interest that the company wishes to acquire in the block for which it is bidding based on the value of the working program that the company proposes.

9.   All proposals must be submitted in a closed and sealed envelope and must be received by Sonangol no later than 5:30 p.m. (Angolan time) on March 13, 2008. All proposals received after this date will be considered invalid.

10. All proposals must be sent to the following address:


Sonangol E.P.

Direcção de Negociações

Rua 1º Congresso do MPLA, nº 8-16, 3º Andar

Luanda, Angola           


11. All proposals will be opened publicly on March 14, 2008, in a venue to be announced later.

12. The terms of reference for the Angolan Licensing Round 2007/2008 are also available on the Sonangol website. Clarification regarding the terms of reference can be obtained from the following contacts:



Tel: +  244 226 632196

Fax: + 244 222 394128

Sonangol has enlisted IHS Inc. to help facilitate the road shows for the round and to disseminate information regarding the licensing round. For more information, visit