Press release.

Geophysical Insights, a company that develops and applies advanced analytic technology for seismic interpretation, announced today the launch of their Insight to Foresight clinics. The clinics will be led by Dr. Tom Smith, President and founder of Geophysical Insights, who is also the founder of Seismic Micro Technology (SMT). The one-day engagements will introduce the application of Unsupervised Neural Networks for seismic interpretation to the hosting company’s geophysical team using that company’s seismic data. Made available to qualifying operating companies without charge, the series of clinics will commence early in 2011. Through the clinic a geophysical team will be able to…

·         See the concepts of Unsupervised Neural Networks applied to seismic interpretation

·         Identify opportunities where the technology may be used to refine interpretation

·         Obtain recommendations from Dr. Smith that address specific exploration problems

“The energy media has recently featured the potential of Unsupervised Neural Networks owing to its potential to dramatically reduce the risk and costs of seismic interpretation and exploration in general,” says Dr. Tom Smith, founder and President of Geophysical Insights. “Unsupervised Neural Networks, also known as Self Organizing Maps (SOM’s), can be applied to analyze 25+ attributes from a seismic survey, enabling greater accuracy in identifying the presence and location of hydrocarbons. The Insight to Foresight clinics will build awareness and demonstrate the capability of the new technology.”

Companies interested in arranging an Insight to Foresight clinic for their geophysical team are invited to visit to request information.