LNG Energy Ltd. completed the 2011 "Sling" 2D seismic program on Production License 319 onshore Papua New Guinea (PNG).

During April-June and October-December 2011, 148 km of 2D data were acquired. The survey comprised 67 km of alluvial river flats around the Kikori River, 59 km of karst limestone and 22 km of volcanic terrain.

The license contains proven, mature, late Jurassic (Kimmeridgian) and lower Imburu formation source rocks that are presently generating hydrocarbons from local kitchen areas. It is believed that the license contains clastic reservoirs of Lower Cretaceous-Upper Jurassic age (Toro-Hedinia-Iagifu sandstones), particularly in the western part and the Kikori bend area.

The company believes the presence of source, seal, reservoir and structural traps on the license are extremely prospective in this proven hydrocarbon trend.

The license is in the lowland area of the Papuan fold.