The company plans to more than double its oil and gas production from overseas fields in four years.

​OPEC has signaled it won’t cut supply to influence prices, instead preferring to defend market share amid an unprecedented U.S. shale boom.

Latest technologies aid decision-making and boost efficiency.

Key technologies are revolutionizing the drilling environment.

Field development and exploration plans progress in South China Sea.


The lawsuit, filed in Washington federal court, follows a petition by the groups to the regulator in 2012 seeking a rule that would require oil and gas companies to disclose such pollution to a government database.

The New York state Health Department said fracking for natural gas can’t be done safely, dooming prospects that Governor Andrew Cuomo will allow the extraction process after a six-year-moratorium.

Experts talk about the sector’s past, present and future.

The largest problem facing hydraulic stimulation in Australia is Earth stresses—a rarely regarded problem.

Operators in North American shale plays are using more than 5 MMlbs of frack sand per well.


Pétrolia has resumed drilling at the Haldimand 4 site, located in the wooded area near Sandy Beach in Canada, according to a news release.

The focus comes as oil and gas operators venture into new frontiers and go deeper into mature ones.

CNOOC Ltd. announced that the Golden Eagle Area Development (GEAD) in the U.K. North Sea commenced production.

The company may spend several billion dollars over this decade on an effort it’s calling Project 20K.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Coreflooding measures the effectiveness of water or gas injected into an oil-bearing rock sample to displace oil. This can be used to assess the potential for water flooding in an oil field, BP said in a news release.

The NRG Energy and JX Nippon Oil & Gas project aims to turn waste into revenue using technology.

Better chemical formulations and lower cost, advances in laboratory analysis and higher oil prices are making chemical EOR more economically viable.

NRG has started construction on a $1 billion coal plant retrofit for the project.

Field Development

Total has started gas and condensate production from the West Franklin Phase 2 project in the Central Graben area of the U.K. North Sea.

Iraq will double exports within weeks from its northern Kirkuk oil fields and continue boosting output farther south amid a global market glut that’s pushed prices to their lowest level in more than five and a half years.

Production commenced Nov. 11, 2014 with two wells, MNA-01 and MNA-02, initially flowing at a combined rate of 2,200 bbl/d. Manora is now producing from five wells, MNA-01, MNA-02, MNA-03, MNA-05 and MNA-07.

The field came on stream on Nov. 6, 1997, and the initial development plans called for the field to be shut down during 2014.

Total has completed the flare-out of the Ofon Field on Oil Mining Lease (OML) 102 offshore Nigeria, a news release said.