LMKR, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has reported a strategic partnership with Object Reservoir. LMKR and Object Reservoir will work together to close the workflow and data integration gaps among the different geology, geophysics and engineering disciplines.  These gaps result in unacceptable ranges of production and capital spending uncertainty, related to the development of gas shale plays.

LMKR will develop technology to integrate seamless workflows, as well as reservoir characterization, well, completion and production data exchange between: the LMKR GeoGraphix Discovery Suite for geology and geophysical interpretation, the Object Reservoir ORKA knowledge architecture environment for the management of unconventional gas well analyses, and the Object Reservoir Limits analytic modeling and production forecasting tool for shale gas wells.  

"There are two issues often associated with working unconventional gas plays: either too much gas is being left behind in reservoirs or excessive capital is being spent to extract the gas," said LMKR Chairman and chief executive, Atif Khan.  "LMKR and Object Reservoir have a solution to minimize the uncertainties associated with unconventional gas plays.  We will be playing a very important role by helping geoscientists, petroleum engineers, joint venture partners, reserve auditors, and investment bankers model numerous "what-if" scenarios of highgrading, development, capital investment, and valuation for shale gas plays."

"Shale gas operators and investors have been asking for reliable production analysis and modeling, based on rigorous science approaches, for a long time," said Dan Piette, chief executive of Object Reservoir.  "LMKR and Object Reservoir are working together to reduce uncertainties in optimizing well completions and spacing, allowing stakeholders to prioritize the use of development capital.  Together, we are committed to providing reliable answers to the questions: 'should we invest in this unconventional gas play?' and 'how do we rapidly and profitably monetize the investments we make?'"