Enhance reservoir value

We can help you get the most out of your tight gas assets with our unsurpassed unconventional reservoir technologies and detailed basin experience.

Stimulate cash flow in unconventional reservoirs
Get the most out of your tight gas assets. Our cased-hole interpretation service finds the most productive sweet spots.

You can identify depleted zones and avoid the costs of stimulating them. Real-time interpretation indicates whether the rock has water or gas.

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Maximize recovery
Our acoustic logging tool and analysis services identify geomechanical stresses acting on the reservoir. We characterize the existing natural fracture network and quantify the transverse isotropic mechanical properties of the rock. Orient and stimulate your horizontal wells for maximized recovery.

Place the wellbore precisely
Our rotary steerable and automated systems have precise steering controls for exact wellbore placement that maximizes production. A variety of service offerings include one designed specifically for lower spread-cost applications. Eliminate NPT associated with additional bottomhole assembly trips for correction runs.

Reduce drilling risk
Wellbore instability often is managed by raising the mud weight when there’s a lack of wellbore pressure. But, instability usually is caused by the transmission of pressure. Our proprietary drilling fluids reduce transmitted pressure for greatly reduced drilling risk.

Enhance project economics
Design the most effective treatments. Our geomechanics experts model openhole stability when production begins. Microseismic monitoring and analysis tools offer you a better understanding of the reservoir response to stimulation.

Decrease completion cost
We’ll design the ideal completion. Our multistage, openhole fracture completion system offers up to 22 stimulation points without cementing and perforating. You can stimulate all zones in one trip often in a single day.

Reduce CAPEX
Access production from two laterals via a single vertical wellbore. Conduct simultaneous stimulation operations in each lateral, saving even more money. Our multilateral system experts ensure a reliable, multilateral junction with selective, high-pressure fracturing capabilities for improved productivity.

Ensure optimal output
We create ideal additive solutions to eliminate risk of H2S generation, scaling, and plugging. Other systems effectively combat increased water production.

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