Work on the next generation of all-electric subsea production systems is being advanced, albeit not swiftly, as there is a three-way competition amongst big hardware companies.

Digitization is the way forward for subsea.

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The company’s subsea control and installation light system does not require a hydraulic umbilical from the support vessel, reducing both the cost and complexity of the topside structure.

Market recovery brings a brighter outlook for the global subsea industry.

While onshore rig contractors seem to have reached the bottom of the trough, the offshore contractors are bracing for more challenges.

Ocean-bottom exploration is still in its infancy.

The industry is incorporating lessons learned to evolve into a more compact and efficient market.

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The Snoek well, southeast of the Liza discovery, hit high-quality oil-bearing sandstone reservoirs, the company said.

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The next version of the robot will be capable of diving down to 500 m (1,640 ft), proving the concept of the technology’s self-propelled robotic arms in performing inspection, maintenance and repair jobs.

With many traditional oil and gas contractors now diversifying into offshore renewables, the recent acquisition of Seaway Heavy Lifting will give buyer Subsea 7 a stronger foothold in this market, which it has targeted as a growing sector.

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The French oil major looks to strengthen its portfolio with the Iara and Lapa fields.

The downturn may have pushed oil and gas companies closer to technology as they move toward more cost-effective and operationally efficient subsea developments. But robotics could help lead to further improvements.