As downhole conditions continue to become more difficult and well profiles more complex, some contractors and operators are introducing systems that aim to move the drill floor from mechanization to automation.

The industry is developing 20K drilling systems to tackle challenging reservoir portfolios.

System uses tiered approach for challenging wells.

New developments in drilling technology are keeping bits spinning in the most complex formations.

It depends on whom you ask.

Working together is essential in a lower-forever environment.

BP’s Leigh-Ann Russell is chairing this year’s SPE-IADC drilling conference with hopes for an industry resurgence.

Crowd-sourced data reveal significant increases in well completion metrics.

Scientists are attempting to explain the fast relaxation times in unconventionals.

E&P investments in North America are expected to increase by about 30% in 2017, according to industry surveys.

Resilience, disruption and collaboration will pave the road to recovery.

CT deployment and no drill-out requirement saves days of rig time while delivering the well to its full production potential.

Automated artificial lift system offers operators a solution to the challenges of maximizing productivity and reducing costs.

A study indicates that 4-D noise levels are sensitive to the quality of correlation between data volumes.

Time-lapse seismic still provides important information. But it’s getting harder to make the value proposition.

Tool uses pressure in CT to generate movement in the tubing and reduce friction.

Reduced fuel costs, lower emissions, less maintenance and improved reliability are available from scalable automation systems.

GWD avoids sensor inadequacies.

Market conditions and cost-cutting give Norwegian player renewed confidence.

A plug-and-play CNG solution, when combined with trucks, creates an alternative to the traditional pipeline system.

Downturn helps uptick in project progression.

Untapped riches could lurk in the western U.S.

The use of automated logic controls helps ensure compliance in the collection of emissions data necessary to meet reporting and recordkeeping requirements.

Advanced AIM is made simple with satellite technology.

Turnaround to double-digit growth is just around the corner for the South Texas play.

As the Trump administration began assuming the reins of the federal government, a number of executive and legislative actions were initiated impacting the oil and gas industry.

With backing from a major, a startup is providing quality seismic at vastly reduced rates.

Certain tools are ready for additive manufacturing.

Electronic field ticketing expedites processing and payment for services rendered.

The oil and gas industry adopts a data-driven mindset to optimize production.

Organizations that plan and assess their digital needs have the greatest chance of capitalizing on its potential.

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Monetization might be challenged if more large discoveries are made.

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There are dangers to being skeptical to new technology.