The first expedition discovered gas hydrate accumulations in formations that are currently unlikely to be producible.

CGG Services’ CGG Amadeus has started an 884 square kilometers (sq km) 3-D seismic acquisition program in the G10/48 contract area in the Gulf of Thailand, KrisEnergy Ltd. said in a news release.

The use of advanced software products is paying dividends for BHP Billiton explorationists.

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A true understanding of the subsurface requires integration and ingenuity.

'The initial data set is of good quality and clearly indicates the presence of the prolific Abu Madi trend within the block,' SDX Energy said in a news release.

Steve O’Connor, global lead for geopressure at Ikon Science, said that the new integrated service will provide a continuous unbroken set of pressure profiles from sea bed to total depth.

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LLOG doesn’t care about being the first or the biggest. But its attention to fundamentals makes it one of the best.

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Technology such as wide azimuth seismic and reprocessing older data is leading to oil in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and the opportunity to find more in Mexico’s shallow water for Talos.

ION Geophysical Corp.’s ocean bottom seismic (OBS) company, OceanGeo, is mobilizing its vessels and crew to conduct an OBS survey offshore Nigeria, according to a news release.

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Quantitative seismic interpretation is about transforming seismic data, with units that are nebulous and vague at best, into physically meaningful units similar to a well log.

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A Silicon Valley-based deep learning, artificial intelligence company is using artificial neural networks to help find oil and gas using geoseismic data.

The South Campeche UltracubeTM 3D seismic reprocessing project will cover a total of about 17,700 sq km.