Geophysical Insights will license seismic analysis software technology from the University of Oklahoma’s Attribute-assisted Seismic Processing and Interpretation (AASPI) Consortium, and will incorporate the technology into the commercial Paradise seismic software platform.

Microseismic technology company ESG Solutions added the new Flow Dynamics suite seismic and reservoir analysis aid to its Enhanced Reservoir Characterization hydraulic fracturing service.

Activities assessed in the draft rules include deep-penetration and high-resolution seismic, electromagnetic, magnetic, gravity and remote-sensing surveys as well as geological and geochemical sampling.

One-dimensional models are acceptable for many modeling scenarios.

The program includes a 2-D survey of more than 6,550 km in the offshore Rovuma Basin, including blocks R5-A, R5-B and R5-C, and a large 3-D survey over the Beira High in the Zambezi Delta, according to a news release.

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SEG will showcase the latest technologies to find the next great fields.

A revamped design will improve sensing power by 20 times, providing more accurate geological information for exploration.

The project follows the Mexican government’s opening of licensing rounds to non-government companies for the first time.

EMGS has been providing 3-D seabed-based receiver CSEM surveys to PEMEX for years, but under Mexico’s new energy reform, it’s widening its net.

CEO Kristian Johansen also said that this transaction will be the second strategic library acquisition TGS has concluded in the current downcycle.

The program uses Mexico's National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) data library.

Plans are for the new acquisition, which will become part of the company’s multiclient library, to occur in third-quarter 2016. The pre-funding amounts to US $1 million.