The area where the workers were kidnapped is close to South Waziristan, part of the lawless Federally Administered Tribal Areas bordering Afghanistan, Reuters reported.

The two neighboring countries have already signed a deal to exchange older seismic data from the border zone, Reuters said.

Targeting the Cuba Economic Zone of the Gulf of Mexico, the project comprises 25,000 km of 2-D long-offset, high resolution, broadband seismic and gravity data.

Tonalli will formally assume operatorship of the Tecolutla Block from Pemex on Nov. 23.

The project is due to commence in first-quarter 2017 and will run for about six weeks.

The waters off Somalia, best known for years of piracy, may harbor hydrocarbons at a depth where crude is usually found, seismic services company Spectrum said last week based on its research. This is unlike the seas farther south along the African coastline where gas is abundant.

The laboratory is also the first Schlumberger laboratory outside of the U.S. to offer the company's FIS fluid inclusion stratigraphy analysis, which evaluates abundance, distribution and composition of hydrocarbon and nonhydrocarbon species trapped in inclusions in cuttings or core samples.

TGS will undertake this alongside PGS and in cooperation with GeoPartners. Acquisition of this first phase of the NWAAM expansion will commence in November 2016.

The agreement between the NPD and Russian petroleum authorities (Rosnedra) entails that both countries will exchange about the same volume of data from the Barents Sea.

 The survey will begin in early 2017, and the data will be processed in CGG's Villahermosa, Mexico, and Houston subsurface imaging centers, CGG said.

GeoTeric will handle commercialization and ongoing maintenance of the data link, which is expected to be available either in late fourth-quarter 2016 or early first-quarter 2017, the press release said.

Geophysical Insights will license seismic analysis software technology from the University of Oklahoma’s Attribute-assisted Seismic Processing and Interpretation (AASPI) Consortium, and will incorporate the technology into the commercial Paradise seismic software platform.