The latest effort involved deploying two geophysical survey vessels—Fugro Gauss and Fugro Brasilis—to acquire multibeam echo sounder (MBES) and sub-bottom profile data over the western, central and eastern regions of the U.S.’ continental slope, according to the release.

The Fusion M-WAZ reimaging program includes data covering more than 1,000 Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) blocks, which span about 23,000 sq km (8,880 sq miles), from 3D WAZ programs previously acquired by TGS and Schlumberger.

PGS posted a fourth-quarter loss before interest and taxes and excluding one-offs of $65 million, deeper than the expected loss of $38 million expected in a Reuters poll.

Project aims to enhance recovery through better rock physics understanding.

Acquisition will likely begin in May 2017 and will continue over multiple seasons. TGS will use its Clari-Fi broadband technology and advanced denoise and demultiple techniques for data processing.

Most recently, James Faroppa was vice president of geosciences for Murphy Oil Corp. (NYSE: MUR), handling assurance, portfolio management, and technical and specialist services.

MicroSeismic also said its board elected William B. (Bill) Barker as vice president of analysis, and Eric Bourdages as vice president of operations.

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The move followed the federal government’s decision to remove the Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic Planning Areas of the Atlantic Ocean from the 2017-2022 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program.

The first 3-D seismic survey ever shot offshore Newfoundland and Labrador has delineated a new Lower Tertiary play.

Houston-based Geokinetics Inc. will acquire the intellectual property and legacy assets of Geotrace Technologies, a provider of seismic imaging and reservoir analysis services, according to a news release.

The area where the workers were kidnapped is close to South Waziristan, part of the lawless Federally Administered Tribal Areas bordering Afghanistan, Reuters reported.

The two neighboring countries have already signed a deal to exchange older seismic data from the border zone, Reuters said.