Exxon Mobil Corp. successfully drilled its second shale oil and gas well this year in Argentina.

The PEL 513 joint venture made its second wet gas discovery in Cooper Basin, Australia.

InterOil Corp. has notified the Papua New Guinea Department of Petroleum and Energy of a discovery at the Bobcat-1 exploration well in PPL476.

Freeport-McMoRan Inc. obtained positive drilling results from the Holstein Deep and Dorado development wells in the deepwater GoM.

OGDCL has discovered hydrocarbon-bearing horizons in its exploratory well Jand # 01.

The Petrobras Orca–1 exploratory well (Tayrona Block) has revealed a natural gas accumulation in Colombian Caribbean deepwater.

The PL528 B Ivory exploration well in the Norwegian Sea has discovered gas.

The Jisik-1 discovery well on the Harir Block encountered light oil and gas with condensates intervals in Jurassic and Triassic carbonate reservoirs.

The Cheal-E6 step-out well (TAG 70%), located in the onshore Taranaki Basin of New Zealand, has intersected more than 9 m (29.5 ft) of net oil- and gas-bearing sands in the Mt. Messenger Formation, TAG Oil said in a news release.

Bauer-19 was the third well in a six-well development campaign at Bauer. 

The SM-1 well encountered oil in fractured and brecciated cavernous Upper Jurassic carbonates offshore Morocco.

Well tests at the Pegasus West discovery have led to positive results.