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The U.S. might not need shale oil growth now, but from 2017-2020 demand will require an additional 0.7-0.9 MMbbl/d annually, an analyst said.

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LLOG doesn’t care about being the first or the biggest. But its attention to fundamentals makes it one of the best.

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Technology such as wide azimuth seismic and reprocessing older data is leading to oil in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and the opportunity to find more in Mexico’s shallow water for Talos.

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The import-dependent nation is in the aftermath of its most successful licensing round, with attention on its Atlantic Margin emerging frontier area.

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Good news for oil and gas is the industry is cyclical, though it will take until second-half 2017 for the market to rebalance, says IHS’ Atul Arya.