Two substantial Wolfcamp oil wells have been completed by EOG Resources Inc. in the Lea County, N.M., portion of the Delaware Basin. IHS Markit reported that #702H Whirling Wind 11 Federal Com is producing 4.107 Mbbl/d of 42-degree-gravtiy crude, 254.4 MMcm/ d (7.205 MMcf/d) of gas and 6.959 Mbbl/d of water from fracture- treated perforations at 3,899 m to 6,079 m (12,791 ft to 19,944 ft). The 6,118-m (20,072-ft) well has a true vertical depth of 3,802 m (12,474 ft) and is in Section 11-26s-33e. The horizontal lateral of the Red Hills Field well bottomed about 2.4 km (1.5 miles) to the north in Section 2. The offsetting #701H Whirling Wind 14 Federal Com is flowing 3.038 Mbbl/d of 42-degree-gravity oil, 148 Mcm/d (5.228 MMcf/d) of gas and 5.470 Mbbl/d of water following a 32-stage fracture. The horizontal leg was drilled to 6,101 m (20,017 ft) out of a 3,979-m (13,054-ft) pilot hole in Section 14-26s-33e with production from perforations at 3,891 m to 6,066 m (12,766 to 19,902 ft). The lateral bottomed about 2.4 km to the north in Section 2 at a true vertical depth of 3,805 m (12,484 ft).


In Mexico’s Campeche Bay Eni completed #2-Amoca in Contractual Area 1 and confirmed oil in multiple reservoirs. The venture was drilled in 25 m (82 ft) of water and hit 110 m (361 ft) of net oil pay from several Pliocene reservoir sandstones, of which 65 m (213 ft) were discovered in a deeper, previously undrilled horizon. The well confirmed the presence of 18-degree-gravity oil in the shallower formations, while the newly discovered deeper sandstones contain high-quality light oil. Additional drilling is planned at delineation wells #3-Amoca, #2-Mizton and #2-Tecoalli. Eni holds a 100% stake in the Area 1 production sharing contract.


LGO Energy Plc completed its first development well, #682-GY, in Trinidad’s Goudron Field. The well was drilled to 349 m (1,145 ft) and is flowing 80 bbl of 44-degree-gravity oil per day. It was tested on a 7⁄64-in. choke with a wellhead flowing pressure of 40 psi. Once the natural flow period ends, the well will be placed on pump at an initial stabilized rate estimated to be 65 bbl/d. The discovery is the first in a series of planned Mayaro infill wells, each of which is forecast to have average IP rates of 45 bbl/d. The second well in the shallow infill program will be #683- GY. According to LGO, the field has 11.8 MMbbl of proven and probable reserves and is producing light sweet oil (about 37-degree-gravity).


ExxonMobil Corp. announced results from the #1-Snoek offshore well in Guyana in the Stabroek Block. It hit more than 25 m (82 ft) of high-quality oil-bearing sandstone reservoirs. The well was drilled to 5,175 m (16,978 ft) and is in 1,563 m (5,128 ft) of water. The latest completion is in the southern portion of the block, about 8 km (5 miles) southeast of the #1-Liza discovery. The drillship is being moved to drill #4-Liza.


Cairn Energy Plc has announced the results from offshore Senegal appraisal well #1-VR. The venture hit the targeted lower (500 series), and it confirms that the reservoir presence, fluid contacts and fluid quality are in line with the results from the previous wells. The deeper carbonate exploration targets were encountered as expected with indications of hydrocarbons at the base of the well in a tight formation that is not viewed as commercial. The #1-VR is being plugged and abandoned, and the drillship is moving location to begin operations at appraisal well #6-SNE that is about 2 km (1.24 miles) south of #1-SNE.


An offshore U.K. exploration well in Block 205/23 has confirmed an oil discovery that is linked to the Lancaster Field, forming a single large hydrocarbon accumulation. Operator Hurricane Exploration Plc reported that its Halifax prospect in the West of Shetlands blocks #205/23-3A was drilled to 2,004 m (6,575 ft). The well has successfully identified an extensive oil column significantly below local structural closure. The reservoir interval encountered is pervasively fractured with porosities similar to those at Lancaster. The well was drilled and cased to 2,004 m, and it was designed to isolate a potential gas cap and oil-bearing column. It has been suspended to allow potential future operations to either deepen and/or perform further testing of the well.


Lundin Petroleum AB completed appraisal well #16/1-27 in the Edvard Grieg Southwest Field. The appraisal well is in PL338 on the southwestern flank of the field, and it was targeting additional resources to optimize the drainage strategy and to prove additional resources. It hit a 15-m (49-ft) gross oil column in a 94-m (308-ft) sandstone reservoir. The top reservoir was encountered deeper than planned, and the oil water contact was encountered at 1,948 m (6,391 ft), 9 m (29.5 ft) deeper than the established contact in this part of the fi eld. The results confi rm a preliminary resource upside for this part of the fi eld at 10 MMboe to 30 MMboe. The well will be permanently plugged and abandoned.


An offshore gas and condensate discovery was reported by Eni at the company’s Libya Gamma Prospect in Contract Area D. The #16/3 B1 is between Bouri Field and Bahr Essalam Field. It was drilled in 150 m (492 ft) of water to 2,981 m (9,780 ft) and hit gas and condensates in the Metlaoui Group (Eocene). According to Eni, the well has the capacity to produce more than 7 Mboe/d.


BP announced results from an offshore Egypt gas well in the eastern Nile Delta’s North Damietta marine concession area. The well, #1-Qattameya Shallow, was drilled to 1,961 m (6,434 ft). BP reported that electric logs, drill records, pressure data and fluid samples all confirmed a 37-m (121-ft) thick gas layer. Area water depth is 108 m (354 ft). BP is considering linking the discovery to existing Atoll Field infrastructure.


Shell Oil Co. has made an onshore discovery in the Lumut area of Brunei at the #1-Layang-Layang exploration well in the Seria Field. The well confi rmed a shale diapir trap that was interpreted from seismic data and Brunei fi eld outcrop studies. It was drilled to 4,139 m (13,579 ft), and well log evaluation shows a 300-m (984-ft) gas and oil column over six reservoir intervals in good-quality sands. Initial calculations indicate the target holds 18 MMboe.


Total announced preliminary results from the Antelope Deep prospect in Papua New Guinea. The #7ST1Antelope appraisal/exploration well in PRL 15 is about 1.4 km (.86 mile) southwest of #5-Antelope and was deepened to test carbonates in a seismically defi ned structure under Antelope Field. The carbonate target was encountered at 2,766 m (9,075 ft), and a 7-in. liner was set and about 9 m (29.5 ft) of core was cut. Additional drilling and testing is planned.