International Highlights

System helps achieve production and economic goals.

Technologies help solve the engineering challenges of increasing stage counts and proppant volumes in sliding sleeve completions.

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The company has experimented with using less sand and more fluid along with tighter spacing.

Libra, a giant oil field located in Brazil’s presalt area, will boost many business opportunities over the next years.

New service delivers savings of $40 million and 25 rig days in first-ever 15-stage deepwater completion.

A combination of high-density proppant and scale inhibitor sees success in Lower Tertiary wells.

Microseismic-based reservoir simulation helps determine wellbore spacing for a large independent operator.

Effective diverter technologies and high-frequency surveillance deliver successful campaign in the Eagle Ford Shale.

Engineered completions are improving productivity based strictly on drilling data.

Product upgrades and enhancements help keep integral system up to date.

Emerging technologies could offer savings for P&A.