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A cluster of quakes in Logan County led Devon Energy and Stephens Energy Group, the operators of two disposal wells near the rumbles, to voluntarily shut down operations.

The 5-million pound Mobile Sand silo system was developed to complement the six-silo, 2.5-million pound mobile sand silo system, which has been used in major basins across the U.S. 

In some cases, they are willing to take on the role of traditional lenders, like banks, which have grown reluctant to lend since the price drop that began last summer, or act like producers by taking what are essentially stakes in wells.

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Despite making strides in technology and techniques, EOG has not substantially ramped up production. The company’s inventory of uncompleted wells grew to 320.

Further analysis will better determine silica sand distribution, characteristics and deposit size in the Alberta, Canada, land holdings. Next exploration phase includes deeper mechanized drilling and backhoe test pitting. 

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The top 10 frack sand suppliers claim 55% of total business, while more than 40 companies make up the remaining percentage.

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A major IOC is set to use CO2 and proppant in a first of its kind test well in the Bakken Shale.

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Refracking has been met with enthusiasm—especially when it works—and skepticism, but in order to move forward, the industry needs a large-scale refracking program and more investment IHS says.

The short life span of these wells, long thought to be perhaps the single biggest weakness of the shale industry, is being stretched out, Bloomberg said.

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Companies are focusing on enhanced completions among other techniques and technology to boost production in the Marcellus and Utica shale plays, but cluster efficiency remains an area of concern.

Understanding drainage volume and improved permeability of stimulated rock is essential to forecasting production, according to MicroSeismic Inc.

Effective completions, flawless execution and multi-lateral wells are emerging techniques for cost-conscious operators looking to improve results.