First oil is planned for late 2019.

Coreflooding measures the effectiveness of water or gas injected into an oil-bearing rock sample to displace oil. This can be used to assess the potential for water flooding in an oil field, BP said in a news release.

The NRG Energy and JX Nippon Oil & Gas project aims to turn waste into revenue using technology.

Better chemical formulations and lower cost, advances in laboratory analysis and higher oil prices are making chemical EOR more economically viable.

NRG has started construction on a $1 billion coal plant retrofit for the project.

BP’s low-salinity EOR process proves successful in tests, gets first shot at Clair Ridge.

Pilot project in Oman reduces need for natural gas in thermal EOR.

Plans include drilling more than 150 CO2 production wells with first production expected in third-quarter 2016.

Polymer injection is expected to begin between January and March 2015.