Refracturing, DUG East

When it comes to refracturing, “pioneers need to blaze a new trail,” according to one panelist at the DUG East technical roundtable session.

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Technology is helping boost production and lower costs for U.S. shale players, but analysts say rising volumes are pressuring oil prices.

Saudi Aramco, R&D, EOR, IOR, oil, reservoir

Through its R&D arm, Saudi Aramco is working on various R&D projects in an effort to increase the recovery factor of reservoirs from 50% to 70%.

Statoil is looking to make a decision this year on developing the Kayak oil discovery it made last week in the Barents Sea offshore Norway.

Qatar’s LNG Dominance Not a Sure Thing

Stratas Advisors sees an aggressive strategy by Qatar to fend off challenges to its LNG dominance by the US, Australia.

Peru, natural gas, production, South America, Camisea

By no means is Peru South America’s Qatar, but the South American country has the potential to become a natural gas development hub despite Argentina’s Vaca Muerta hype.

New service delivers savings of $40 million and 25 rig days in first-ever 15-stage deepwater completion.

Minimum-facility CSP combines the advantages of a platform with the rig-run benefit of a subsea development to achieve lower capital and installation/intervention costs.

Emerging technologies could offer savings for P&A.

Hybrid completions fill technology gap for the stimulation of extended-reach laterals.

OPEC tries to retain its market clout amid stiff competition.