Positive trends, such as Europe’s improving economy and a counterbalance of lingering oversupplies, has the industry poised for better days, according to Stratas Advisors.

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The engineering contracts follow two others awarded earlier this month for  U.S. Gulf of Mexico development.

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Beach Energy, Santos, Strike and Senex have been named recipients of AU$24 million in grants from the South Australian government.

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Once the Iraqi military concludes its campaign against the Islamic State in Mosul and surrounding territory, it will seek to reacquire territories disputed between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

In an astonishing paradox, Australia is hurtling towards chronic domestic gas shortages and power outages just as it becomes the world’s biggest LNG exporter.

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The startup comes amid the company’s push to grow production by more than 4% this year.

Crowd-sourced data reveal significant increases in well completion metrics.

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Sources familiar with the talks said the two countries have agreed that any resumption of crude production from the shared oil fields won’t raise their output beyond limits set by OPEC.

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Although OPEC’s second-largest oil producer has more than 70 oil fields, only 30% of these are developed or partially developed, according to Iraq’s oil minister.

As downhole conditions continue to become more difficult and well profiles more complex, some contractors and operators are introducing systems that aim to move the drill floor from mechanization to automation.

Fatih Birol, executive director of the IEA. Source: Hart Energy

IEA’s report predicts that rising global oil demand will outpace producer increases by 2022 unless investment increases sharply and soon.

The basin hosts multiple targets, but the key is how many will work in various locations.