Sembmarine SLP Ltd. (SLP), a subsidiary of Singapore-based Sembcorp Marine, has been awarded an exclusive license by Seahorse Platform Partners Ltd. (SPPL) to use the latter’s SeaHarvester and SeaHorse technology for the design and construction of minimum facilities platforms (MFPs) for the UK North Sea, Irish, and other territorial UK waters, according to a press release.

Lowestoft, SLP, and SPPL also signed a memorandum of understanding by which, subject to contract, SPPL will award an additional exclusive license for the technology for use in the design and construction of MFPs for Southeast Asia and Australasia (excluding Malaysia and Brunei), according to the press release.

SLP has previously delivered 18 MFPs based on the SeaHarvester technology for the North Sea., according to the press release. SLP (previously SLP Engineering) was acquired by Sembcorp Marine’s SMOE Pte. Ltd. (70%) and SLP management (30%) in September 2012.