Composite mat can prevent contamination of ground soil

The Dura-Base advanced composite mat from Newpark Mats and Integrated Services, a unit of Newpark Resources, is designed to withstand bearing loads in excess of 600 psi. The mat is produced from a nonslip composite formulation and can last five times as long as a wooden mat, the company said in a press release. The composite mat also is designed to weigh 50% less than a wooden mat and can enhance worker safety through improved ground stabilization. The technology, which can prevent soil disturbance, does not require any bolts or fasteners to hold it in place as it is a single part, according to the company. The mat is made of a nonabsorbent material and can help prevent contamination of ground soil.

New platform offers enhanced E&P data management

Schlumberger has announced the release of Studio Manager, part of the Studio E&P data management environment in which technical and information management professionals can collaborate and quickly access data in context from related sources, the company said in a press release. With specifically designed applications, Studio Manager allows users to browse, correct, and organize E&P data, as well as improve productivity. The technology, designed to manage E&P project data, includes security and data access controls. Incorporating industry-standard technology such as Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server, Lync, SharePoint, Exchange, and Office, the Studio environment allows users to manage and access data, interpretations, annotations, and knowledge from the Petrel E&P software platform. The technology also lets data administrators configure quality attribute tags, including application rules for users to help track interpretation context, state, and data quality. Studio Manager helps information managers ensure a more productive, collaborative, experience among Petrel platform users sharing interpretations and related knowledge, the company said.

Downhole monitoring technology assists in hydraulic fracture mapping

MicroSeismic Inc. introduced its new EventPick downhole monitoring technology for use in hydraulic fracture mapping, equipped with compressional- and shear-wave first arrival picking capability, according to a company press release. In areas unsuited for surface-based micro-seismic acquisition, the technology can be used to evaluate well stimulation results in real time. Operators can use these results to achieve proper well spacing, select fluids and proppants, determine reservoir boundaries, and make changes to pressure pumping schedules. Using advanced interpretation, the processing software can provide automated triggering on microseimic events, according to the company. Results are delivered within