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Some oil and gas companies are turning to processes that search data and detect patterns to ultimately predict the likelihood of equipment failures and other challenges.

Big Data can be used to power predictive analysis and lower well costs.

Experts share their insight on Big Data applications and their use in the oil and gas industry.

Whether it’s intelligent sensors or augmented reality, operations continue to get smarter.

oil and gas, data, cognitive predictive maintenance, digital oil field

Cognitive predictive maintenance is a way to leverage real-time data to take a smarter, safer approach to service and repairs.

System meets new internal safety standard requirements while reducing downtime and improving visibility.

New platform offers the ability to tailor workflows and improve production across thousands of wells.

More companies are adopting a new accounting system to safeguard against staffing fluctuations.

Will the petroleum industry’s dreamers and schemers primed by science fiction embrace Big Data to fuel their future? The answer is most certainly ‘yes!’

Follow these five rules for a successful data analytics project.

Once again E&P companies will need to overcome their barriers to new technology adoption.