Crescent Point Energy’s withdrawal from Canada’s largest oil and gas lobbying group was called partisan by political scientist Keith Brownsey, citing two major conservative parties’ announcement to merge just five days before the withdrawal was announced.


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Brazil is facing another political crisis, but its oil and gas sector will be fine, ANP says.

Out of 109 oil and gas industry executives surveyed, 76% said they had a low expectation of the public’s trust in the industry.

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International exploration and technology remain crucial to filling future energy demand.

Some countries may be better positioned to attract investment to meet future demand, according to a global risk consultancy.

Using oil and gas industry technology and land-based wind technology, the U.S. offshore wind sector could help close the gap in electrical generation by 2050.

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A legislative move designed to shore up energy supplies will be triggered only when a shortage has been identified and will apply to export operations, Matt Canavan said.

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Energy Minister Fernando Coelho Filho sat with Hart Energy and other media during a roundtable at OTC to share thoughts on issues facing Brazil’s oil and gas industry.

When it comes to improving field economics, industry leaders say subsea boosting should be considered a “default solution” when developing hydrocarbon resources offshore.

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The existing contract, which has a take or pay clause, stipulates that Petrobras must import between 24 MMcm/d and 32 MMcm/d of gas from Bolivia.


In the renegotiation, President Trump will likely try to tighten NAFTA rules of origin to ensure that these rules promote U.S. manufacturing and jobs.

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Senate Democrats halted the repeal in a 51-49 vote with help from a few Republican senators.