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Technology is helping boost production and lower costs for U.S. shale players, but analysts say rising volumes are pressuring oil prices.

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The move to incorporate more digital technologies into projects comes as the oil and gas industry copes with lower commodity prices.

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The special customs regime known as Repetro is set to expire in 2020. Fears are that some oil and gas projects would not be economically viable without its renewal.

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R&D spending by oil and gas companies fell 15% in 2015 and dropped again in 2016 as overall energy R&D investment also decreased.

Oil And Gas: What’s In It For Millennials?

The industry can take plenty of steps to help attract and retain the younger generation.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and Alberta’s government are at loggerheads over calls to adjust regulatory framework to ‘rebalance the playing field and restore investment.’

Interior’s Zinke Signs Order To Expedite Oil, Gas Development On Federal Land

Zinke’s latest order is set to increase federal lease sales, possibly opening up more development opportunities in the Permian and Uinta basins.

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Hart Energy spoke with Will Rowley, vice president of Acteon FLS, about the challenges of exploiting the potential of the Barents Sea.

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Most of the shared oil and gas fields are located in the Arabian Gulf, which is considered one the world’s shallowest seas with depths rarely exceeding 100 m.

Digital Oil Field Takes Hold

The lower for longer mindset requires that the industry shift from a siloed business approach to that of a digital, interconnected oil field.

Completions technologies are helping drive down breakevens.

User groups are not just for Silicon Valley.