Some workers in Paloch oil fields, Upper Nile state, were evacuated under precaution on Wednesday, an oil ministry official told Bloomberg. Upper Nile is currently South Sudan’s only oil producer. 

Pacific NorthWest is one of 19 LNG projects proposed in British Columbia to chill and ship western Canadian natural gas to Asia growing energy markets in Asia, Bloomberg said.

On Feb. 18, hydrocarbons were found in the platform’s process module after reports of noise and vibrations. Condensate leaked out at about 8kg/second. There were no personnel in the area.

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Potential buyers have had to cut employees, and so far few companies are going out of their way to aggressively buy frack fleets or other equipment.

Before the fighting, Chinese, Malaysian and Indian E&Ps pumped most of the country’s oil. South Sudan’s low-sulfur crude is prized by Japanese buyers for power generation, Bloomberg said.

South Sudanese rebels said they seized producing oil fields in a clash with government forces, Bloomberg said. South Sudan has sub-Saharan Africa’s third-biggest oil reserves, according to BP Plc data.

With Australia on its way to becoming a LNG force, Peter Coleman said the challenge for Australian LNG was the ability to shift from a project constructor and builder to a LNG “trader, marketer and producer.”

A plunge in oil has forced companies from Royal Dutch Shell Plc to Chevron Corp. to cut or delay spending on projects that supply super-cooled gas linked to the price of crude.

The two companies will work together to create new workflows that integrate Weatherford’s traditional core analysis and FEI’s digital rock imaging, modeling and interpretation, according to a news release.

Shale is not the only area hurting from lower oil prices, analysts say. Deep water, Arctic and Canadian oil sands projects also are being impacted.

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The Melbourne-based junior’s profile was raised recently with the first offshore Senegal discovery in 20 years. Managing Director Cath Norman explains the significance of the discovery and where the company can go from here.

CB&I and Anadarko will plan LNG project with Mozambique’s government, people with knowledge of the private matter told Bloomberg. Anadarko and Eni operate areas 1 and 4 of Rovuma Basin.