Belgacem Chariag, who was most recently the company’s vice president and chief integration officer, will now serve as president of global operations.

Many measures failed, including those forcing the companies to detail future plans after 195 governments agreed in December to limit global temperatures’ rise to 2 degrees Celsius, Reuters said.

Cathal Smith became interim company secretary, effective immediately; he has been legal counsel and commercial manager for the last three years while he has been retained by the company.

Ducatus Partners will be led by a core team of Kevin Davidson, Sean Buchan and Jamie Ferguson, who have more than 45 years’ combined experience in matching companies and investors with executive leadership teams.

Reuters reported that two investor advisory firms recommended opposing Shell's remuneration report, saying there was a disconnect between its executive pay and that of other employees and its financial performance.

Heavy bitumen in oil sands is not flammable, but facilities and people inside are at risk. Travis Fairweather, Alberta wildfire information officer, said forest fires are measured by “head fire intensity,” Reuters reported. 

Abu Dhabi's National Oil Co., with about 55,000 staff, cut hundreds of jobs in recent months and will reduce workforce by at least 5,000 by end of 2016, sources told Reuters.

The report is due to be ready by Sept. 30 and will be published after this date, the firm in a statement. The Norwegian Accident Investigation Board is conducting its own investigation and published a preliminary report May 13.

Herbert, a BP veteran and a long-time ally of CEO Bob Dudley, rejoined BP in October 2013 after several years at rival Talisman Energy. His task was to lead exploration activity to help the firm rebuild investor confidence.

Petrobras’ divestment plan includes selling subsidiaries to recover from financial crisis that has stunted investment programs including development of huge reservoirs of oil in the offshore Subsalt Polygon, Reuters reported. 

On May 16, BSEE said that production remains shut-in from the two subsea fields that flow to the Brutus Platform, and that it will not approve their restart until all safety concerns and applicable regulations have been met.

Output would not be impacted by the cuts, Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production's president, Pairoj Kaweeyanun, told reporters on May 16 after meeting with Thai energy ministry officials, Reuters reported.