While two contentious nominees vie for the presidency, and even afterward, energy will continue making the world go ’round.

Ineos has access to more than 1 million acres of land across England and Scotland containing shale gas deposits, but has yet to apply for a planning permit, Reuters reported.

Indonesia holds proven oil reserves of 3.7 Bbbl and is ranked in the top 20 oil producers globally, Reuters reported. 

Embracing manufacturing standardization would lead to better productivity, increased reliability and lower costs.

Production at Groningen, Europe's largest gas field, has been cut in half over the past two years due to public safety concerns, Reuters reported.

The Falklands are inhabited by about 3,000 people, the overwhelming majority of whom say they wish the islands to remain a British overseas territory, Reuters reported.

After June incident, Philip Hemmens, head of Eni's Norwegian subsidiary, wrote to the PSA saying that following an investigation,  the company recognized health and safety management needed improvement, Reuters reported. 

The EPA cited research showing that 28% of all CO2 produced by the burning of fossil fuels over the past 250 years has been absorbed in the world's oceans, Reuters reported. 

Besides equipment corrosion from salt air breezes and heavy downpours, this decade's U.S. oil boom has also been hard on the ability of the reserve to speed oil to markets in the event of a disruption.

According to the website for the House Committee on Natural Resources, that committee passed H.R. 5577 "as part of a broader unanimous consent package." 

Right before the summit, China and the U.S. jointly announced they had ratified the Paris climate change agreement, a significant step for the world's two biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, Reuters reported. 

The government has split the bill in two in an effort to streamline its passage, and a draft seen by Reuters earlier this year included plans to divide NNPC into two companies and sell stakes in a portion of it.