Technology Exclusives

EIA figures show production grew to about 584 Bcf in 2014 from about 475 Bcf in 2013.

With oil companies around the world cutting investment, U.S. output peaking and prices up, Saudi Arabia’s strategy will be extended at OPEC’s semiannual meeting on June 5, say Societe Generale SA and Bank of America Corp.

Liquids-oriented E&P not afraid to drill vertically, deploy technology to gain the best economics in the Delaware Basin.

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Potential buyers have had to cut employees, and so far few companies are going out of their way to aggressively buy frack fleets or other equipment.

With Australia on its way to becoming a LNG force, Peter Coleman said the challenge for Australian LNG was the ability to shift from a project constructor and builder to a LNG “trader, marketer and producer.”

Technology Completion

This latest patented invention relates to fluid treatment and, more particularly, to an improved treatment apparatus for destroying aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in fluids used in oil and gas recovery and conditioning of said fluid for reuse, Ecosphere said in the release.

A process called forward-osmosis is applied to clean water used in hydraulic fracturing.

Researchers estimate that for every gallon of water used to frac for natural gas, Texas saved 33 gallons of water by using that gas for electricity generation.

Technology Contracts

Work on the FEED study starts immediately, and will continue until October. An engineering services, procurement, construction and installation contract will begin mid-2015 and continue until year-end 2017.

Contracts for three 320-tonne cluster slider rigs, construction of  drilling rig for the Caspian Sea and new-generation top drive systems were awarded. Cluster slider rigs will be built in Russia.

Package includes electro, instrument and telecom, propulsion, safety, automation and dynamic positioning. It is worth about 125 million Norwegian kroner. Jackups are owned by Vahana Offshore Pte Ltd. in Singapore.

This is the second award McDermott has received in 2015 from Saudi Aramco, the company said. It represents a work scope bid under an existing long-term agreement. 

The contract for drillship Ocean Rig Poseidon was extended until second-quarter 2017 after all closing conditions were met for Ocean Rig’s omnibus agreement with Eni Angola SpA.

Technology Digital

Using technology to generate, process and analyze data can lead to improved operations.

Predictive analytics

With big data and predictive analytics, operators can use production surveillance, comparing predictions to new actuals to determine how a particular oil or gas asset is performing. In response, adjustments can be made to improve production and overall operations.

Asset Guardian Solutions specializes in protecting companies’ process critical software assets.

Under the five-year contract, BP said it will offer courses next year in a new-state-of-the-art Maersk Training facility in Houston.

As hackers unleash clever cyberattacks, companies and individuals can work together to protect valuable data.

Technology Downhole

Manufacturing and engineering firms see the first green shoots of activity improvement as the industry retools for the future. 

The TAM FastSwell technology utilizes a proprietary process that alters the geometric design of the elastomer to provide ultra-fast, but predictable and controlled swell rates for challenging downhole conditions.

Problematic areas have included perforation issues, loss of fracture length, and sometimes wellbore connectivity.

Technology Equipment

The news, mentioned May 19 in the company’s monthly rig feet status report, was delivered after the company reported in April a net loss of $57.1 million for first-quarter 2015.

Pemex reported a loss of $6.5 billion in the first quarter as crude production slid and international oil prices fell. The company’s oil production has fallen for 10 straight years, and it’s banking on the entrance of foreign producers into the country to reverse the trend.

Unmanned aerial vehicles have been gaining attention in the energy sector as companies tap the small aircraft for visual inspections of equipment, pipelines, flare stacks and platforms.

Services provided included the follow-on design engineering, on-site engineering, integration and testing of systems and components from multiple vendors, field engineering support and management of U.S. regulatory review, the release said.

JIP research focuses on deepwater sampling systems, subsea sensors and subsea clamp-on meters.

Technology Operations

Beach told the market that Woodside had decided not to enter the next period of the exploration program relating to the Lake Tanganyika South production sharing agreement (LTS PSA) after farming out the block to the oil and gas major last July.

The decision to progress the project comes after Cooper Energy’s 50% acquisition in the gas field and Orbost gas plant from Santos was finalized.

Some workers in Paloch oil fields, Upper Nile state, were evacuated under precaution on Wednesday, an oil ministry official told Bloomberg. Upper Nile is currently South Sudan’s only oil producer. 

Pacific NorthWest is one of 19 LNG projects proposed in British Columbia to chill and ship western Canadian natural gas to Asia growing energy markets in Asia, Bloomberg said.

On Feb. 18, hydrocarbons were found in the platform’s process module after reports of noise and vibrations. Condensate leaked out at about 8kg/second. There were no personnel in the area.

Technology People

BP will pay Transocean $125 million in legal fee compensation. Halliburton, which provided Macondo cementing services, reached a claim settlement with BP, Bloomberg said. Transocean owned the Deepwater Horizon rig.

Before the fighting, Chinese, Malaysian and Indian E&Ps pumped most of the country’s oil. South Sudan’s low-sulfur crude is prized by Japanese buyers for power generation, Bloomberg said.

South Sudanese rebels said they seized producing oil fields in a clash with government forces, Bloomberg said. South Sudan has sub-Saharan Africa’s third-biggest oil reserves, according to BP Plc data.

Yang Hua was appointed as chairman of board and chairman of nomination committee at China’s CNOOC Ltd. Yang joined CNOOC in 1982 and has over 30 years’ experience in E&P.

Paul Rowsey was appointed nonexecutive chairman of the board at offshore service provider Ensco Plc following Dan Rabun’s retirement.

Rowsey has been a member of the board since 2000.

Technology Regulations

Third Energy submitted a planning application to North Yorkshire County Council for natural gas production from Bowland strata underneath North Yorkshire, U.K. The resources will be used to generate electricity.

Queen Elizabeth II recently announced an energy bill in a speech to Parliament, Bloomberg said. Last year, U.K. oil and gas production met about 56% of domestic demand.

The Texas Petroleum Investment Co. platform in Breton Sound Block 21, offshore Louisiana, evacuated 28 workers without injury after the compressor fire, the U.S. Coast Guard said, according to Bloomberg. 

Mexico forecasts that the opening of the energy industry will bring in $62.5 billion in private investment by 2018 and increase its annual oil output by 500,000 barrels a day in that time.

Bloomberg said Europe’s largest oil companies are forming a joint strategy on climate change. Climate change-related policies can affect industry operations. Natural gas—the most-used fossil fuel—pollutes the least.