Prospect, Field, BlockWellFt. of net pay/productionOperatorDepth (ft)Completion date
Tornado, Green Canyon Block 2181SS (ST) OCSG3324220 MMboe/dEnergy Resource Technology GOM

Water: 2,750
Drilling: 20,775

Mar. 2016
Fort Sumter
Mississippi Canyon Block 566
1 OCS G08831125 MMboe (estimated)Shell Oil Co.Water: 7,602
Drilling: 28,016
Feb. 2016
Ewing Bank Block 910
8-A OCS G13081150 ft in two sand zones
W&T OffshoreWater: 560
Drilling: 21,000
Jan. 2016
South March Island Block 71
1 OCS G34266150 net ft, 13 Sand, J Sand, D5 SandByron Energy Ltd.Water: 137
Drilling: 6,843
May 2016
Walker Ridge Block 52
3 (ST) OCS G31938620 net ft, Lower tertiaryAnadarko Petroleum Corp.n/aNov. 2015
Green Canyon Block 807
2 (BP) OCS G31752694 net ft, Lower Tertiary WilcoxChevron Corp.n/aAug. 2015
North Platte
Garden Banks Block 958
3 OCS G30876550 net ft, Lower Tertiary WilcoxCobalt International Energyn/aAug. 2015
Horn Mountain Deep
Mississippi Canyon Block 127
3SS OCS G19925142 net ft, Middle Miocene oil payFreeport-McMoRan Oil & GasWater: 5,500
Drilling: 16,925
Nov. 2015
Mississippi Canyon Block 29
6 OCS G13997288 ft of net pay in two intervalsStone Energy Corp.Water: n/a
Drilling: 10,600
Aug. 2015
Crown and Anchor
Viosca Knoll Block 959
1 OCS G3487450 ft of net oil-bearing sand (Miocene)LLOG Exploration Offshore Inc.Water: 4,300
Drilling: n/a
July 2015
Ewing Bank Block 910
5-A (ST) OCS G24990160 ft gross hydrocarbon payW&T Offshore Inc.Water: n/a
Drilling: 13,101
June 2015
Keathley Canyon Block 642
1SS (BP) OCS G33335492 ft net oil pay (Lower Tertiary)RepsolWater: 6,140
Drilling: 31,771Water: 6,140
Drilling: 31,771
Oct. 2014

Data source: IHS. Compiled by Larry Prado