Unconventional Exclusives

The unconventional revolution is making a big impact, bringing benefits along with concerns. 

Operators in North American shale plays are using more than 5 MMlbs of frack sand per well.

The industry has only begun to scratch the surface of what is possible in developing shale plays through collaboration.

Companies are eyeing the country for its conventional and unconventional shale potential.

Enhanced completions are migrating to shale plays across parts of North America.

Unconventional Exploration

Long offsets, wide line spacing and fine spatial sampling can deliver economic large-sale 3-D surveys.

Two operators describe the basin as ‘world class.’

Creating a petrophysical model with a fairly limited data set leads to success in shale plays.

Drillinginfo CEO shares how ‘integration, automation and quantification pave a black gold road to the future.’

Unconventional Production

Some companies have found ways to reduce freshwater use as areas with shale resources battle drought.

The company’s production in the play tops 2 MMboe/d.

A drilling and completion activity forecast shows global frack capacity increasing by 16.2 MMhhp this year.

Unconventional Technology

August 18 2014

A survey implies the oil and gas industry is underutilizing social media to communicate with the public, specifically concerning fracking.

August 15 2014

Countries that sought greater control of resources from international oil companies are now changing tack to entice foreign partners.