Unconventional Exclusives

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Better information helps operators make better decisions in a tough environment. Using prescriptive analytics can make the difference, says Daniel Mohan, senior vice president of marketing for Ayata.

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With a proven history of production, plenty of invested players and a bright unconventional resources outlook, the venerable basin is still alive and kicking.

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Chinese companies’ shale development effort comes as slumping commodity prices have caused others to lay down rigs and forgo completions in the U.S. and pull away from emerging shale plays elsewhere.

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A ban on fracking by the Western Australia Labor Party would hold until it was shown that fracking doesn't compromise the environment, groundwater, public health or contribute adversely to climate change.

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The move, which became effective immediately, gives the U.K. officials the authority approve, or deny, shale exploration permits.

Unconventional Exploration

Freshwater, not typical slurry, will run through pumps, significantly reducing need for replacement parts and number of pumps needed on frack job, Energy Recovery CEO Joel Gay said.

The integration of ESG and Spectraseis will combine their downhole and surface-based microseismic technology, services and data analysis, hydraulic fracture monitoring  and induced seismicity monitoring.

Chevron Corp. said earlier this year it gave up shale gas exploration plans in Romania after an assessment showed it "does not compete favorably" with other investment opportunities, Reuters said.

Upon closing, expected in fourth-quarter 2015, Total will hold a 29.2% interest in the Fort Hills project, alongside Suncor Energy (50.8%) and Teck Resources (20%). 

Energy Information Administration estimates Mexico has more than 60 billion barrels of shale resources. This would provide more than 35 years of Mexican oil supply at current U.S. production levels. 

Unconventional Production

The B8 field is estimated to have about 3.5 million tonnes of oil where Lotos has said it plans to produce ultimately some 250,000 tonnes, Reuters said.

The Netherlands’ government has twice this year cut production from Europe’s largest gas field due to public safety concerns about production-linked earthquakes, Reuters said. Opposition parties submitted the motion.

By end-August, Sinopec had closed 12 wells at Puguang, one of the country’s largest with annual production capacity of 12 billion cubic meters (Bcm), and planned to shut in another 15 wells, the Sichuan Daily reported, citing a Sinopec official at Puguang.

Shale producers can save 30% of the drilling cost with walking rigs, which can move from one wellbore to another--10 meters in less than an hour, Reuters said.

OPEC’s monthly report said it expected no extra demand for its crude oil this year despite faster global consumption, because of higher-than-expected production from the U.S. and other non-members, Reuters said. 

Unconventional Technology

September 9, 2015

Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition government will discuss finalized draft law on hydraulic fracturing to extract gas and oil this month. Party leaders signaled that an agreement is possible, Reuters said.

September 1, 2015

Vorpal's Drill2Frac helps optimize fracturing operations through the optimal placement of perforation clusters. Enventure’s expandable ESeal Refrac Liner provides mechanical zonal isolation of existing perforations.

August 20, 2015

Saudi Arabia could pump 50 million cubic feet per day of shale gas in 2016, Reuters reported. Unconventional gas potential was appraised in the northwest, Eastern Province and Empty Quarter.

August 18, 2015

Forty-seven companies have submitted applications for the oil and gas blocks.

August 11, 2015

Conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott said greenhouse-gas emissions would be cut up to 28% of 2005 levels by 2030, ahead of Paris global climate deal discussion, Reuters said.