Unconventional Exclusives

Two D-J Basin players reflect on lessons, accomplishments and the future of Colorado’s hottest play at the COGA Energy Summit.

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A new resource assessment gives this unconventional play world-class status.

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Permian operators tell contractors they will increase activity, a sign of hope for an oilpatch inflection.

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Devon is conducting a series of well-spacing pilot tests in preparation for its 2017 game plan to drill the Meramec.

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Of the 13 MMbbl/d of new supply that could come from tight oil and conventional projects by 2025, 9 MMbbl/d is commercial at $60 oil, according to an energy consulting firm.

Unconventional Exploration

The first expedition discovered gas hydrate accumulations in formations that are currently unlikely to be producible.

Japan's biggest city gas supplier said it purchased the stake from VirTex Producing Co. The company said it expects to spend up to 8 billion yen (US$76.64 million) for the stake plus investments.

Under the farm-out, UJO will acquire a 7.5% working interest in PEDL143 from Europa, paying 15% of the costs to drill the exploration well at Holmwood.

Statoil will have a 50% interest in the Banarli licenses, while the operator Valeura Energy Inc., a Canadian exploration company, will keep the remaining 50%. The shallow formations above 2,500 meters will be 100% retained by Valeura, Statoil said.

Environmental advocacy groups and landowners in the Karoo, a vast semi-desert wilderness stretching across the heart of South Africa, have argued that exploring for shale by hydraulic fracturing would cause huge environmental damage.

Unconventional Production

The five wells will be drilled back-to-back in the program, which will probably last about two and a half months, Bengal said. 

Oboe-1 further appraises the Clarinete gas field structure and adds 38 Bcf of additional gas reserves to Canacol's portfolio of 3-P gas reserves of 419 Bcf.

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Researchers were able to achieve 15% tertiary oil recovery using a nanofluid of graphene-based amphiphilic nanosheets that are effective at low concentrations.

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There are signs the bottom is at hand, which is the first step in recovery.

CAPP forecast that conventional oil production in Western Canada, including condensates, will fall to 1.1 MMbbl/d by 2018, Reuters reported. 

Unconventional Technology

July 27, 2016

Lourdes Melgar previously served as deputy energy minister for electricity, will leave the government as it continues to implement the energy reform, Reuters reported.

June 30, 2016

Britain needs to cut the amount of electricity it generates using fossil fuels, such as coal and gas, which provided around 50% of the country's electricity in 2015.

June 24, 2016

Germany's gas industry has warned restricting fracking could increase the country's dependence on imported energy, much of which it imports from Russia, Reuters said.

June 21, 2016

Chancellor Angela Merkel's party and the left's party agreed to an indefinite ban; but the compromise legislation calls for parliament to reassess whether decision is still valid in 2021, Reuters reported.

June 3, 2016

GeoPark is also accused of having faulty systems in place for avoiding soil erosion and managing spills of hazardous materials, and of damaging archaeological findings, Reuters reported.