Facing A Changed Future

Jennifer Presley, Hart Energy

A slimmer and trimmer offshore segment emerges in 2018.

Interest In LNG Fires Up Again But Market’s Different Now

Clyde Russell, Reuters

If you were looking for signs that the LNG merry-go-round is starting to spin a little faster, the announcement of a planned massive expansion in Papua New Guinea is ample evidence.

Offshore Support Vessels Evolve To Survive

Judy Murray, Contributor

The new ‘normal’ is a catalyst for change.

Avoid Big Problems With Big Data In Four Smart Steps

Don Woods, ARI

Companies are starting to use predictive data to inform which vehicles they purchase and when to replace older vehicles before maintenance costs grow.

US Shale Surge Sends Warning To OPEC

John Kemp, Reuters

Surging output from shale underscores the growing competitive threat to members of OPEC and its allies led by Russia.

Innovation In A Downturn

Rhonda Duey, Hart Energy

Maintaining discipline and patience can pay dividends in an R&D program.

Are Longer Laterals The Best Option?

Jennifer Presley, Hart Energy

The trend of drilling long may be forcing production to pull up short.

Digital Investments, New Business Models Empower Oil Companies

New charging models, digital investments and compliance solutions will be key initiatives that companies will pioneer to leverage the industry turnaround in 2018.

A Tale Of A Tanker, Russian Gas, Sanctions And Energy Politics

Agnia Grigas

Russian LNG cargo and its circuitous route to Boston have generated considerable speculation among industry analysts.

Big Oil Taps Into Solar Energy

Velda Addison, Hart Energy

Some major oil companies have recently bought stakes in solar energy companies, further diversifying their portfolios.

China’s Oil Product Export Surge Shows Risks To OPEC’s Gains

Clyde Russell, Reuters

Crude prices and refinery margins have an inverse relationship, with the profit from producing fuels tending to peak in the weeks after crude prices reach lows.

Keeping Things Afloat For Offshore Oil, Gas Industry

Rhonda Duey, Hart Energy

The offshore industry continues to shine, but without marine seismic, how long can that last?