Five Important Tools For The Oil Field

​​​​​​​Keystone Energy Tools

Understanding how certain oilfield tools work together is important for successful drilling projects.

Setting The Stage For Gas

Brian Walzel, Hart Energy

A recent report suggested companies are shifting their focus to gas projects.

Oil Market Balance Of Power Shifts

John Kemp, Reuters

The different fortunes of OPEC countries have significantly redistributed power within the organization.

‘Keep It In The Ground’ Is Not An Option

Jennifer Presley, Hart Energy

Energy—in all forms—is essential to human progress.

LNG Becomes More Volatile On Heat Wave, Trump’s Trade War

Clyde Russell, Reuters

Soaring temperatures in Japan and South Korea were behind the move higher as utilities ramped up electricity output to meet demand for air conditioning.

Opportunity In The Atlantic

Brian Walzel, Hart Energy

Two new projects emerge as the Canadian government initiates a development plan.

Overcoming Barriers To Digital

Enaxis Consulting

Digital transformation could be the key to ensuring an organization’s survival over the next several years.

The Big Data Conundrum

Andy Hawthorn, XACT

Are we getting ahead of ourselves before we have the right data?

Big Lift, Bigger Reward

Jennifer Presley, Hart Energy

With the successful installation of the drilling topsides onto its jacket, a history-making NCS project draws closer to first oil.

Mexico Achieves Unprecedented Development

Judy Murray, Contributor

Transparency and competitive fiscal terms encourage foreign investment.

US Hints At Sanctions Waivers On Iran Oil

John Kemp, Reuters

Waivers and exemptions allowing at least some Iranian barrels to continue being exported may be the only practical way to re-impose sanctions without risking a sharp spike in oil prices.

UN Weighs In On Shale Gas

Jennifer Presley, Hart Energy

A special report presented facts, analysis and neutrality on the potential for development of global unconventional resources.