Careers Supplement 2012


Beyond The Great Crew Change

Baby boomers are going to retire whether employers like it or not. Then what?


 Crew Change Will Change Employers

A greater abundance of dual-career couples will challenge existing company policies and beliefs.

 The Great Crew Change – Fact Or Fiction?

Survey respondents air their concerns about training the next generation of oilfield workers.


 A New Crop Of Scientists

The end of the US space shuttle program could result in a wealth of experienced talent for the energy industry.

 Grassroots Recruiting

Having company employees as ‘boots on the ground’ when recruiting can pay massive dividends.

 Program Provides Access To New Resource

A program in Chicago could be a model for training low-income adults for a career in oil and gas.


 Energy Management Training Broadens Horizons

Merging technical, business, and energy management education is increasingly the goal at energy educational institutions.

 Nine Invaluable Guidelines For Hiring Overseas Talent

Tapping into a global workforce may be the best cure for the ‘Great Crew Change,’ but employers need to do their homework first.

 Talent Retention In The Oil And Gas Industry

With a cutthroat recruiting mentality stalking the energy industry, employers need to look beyond courtship to building a solid relationship.

 The Changing Face Of The Oil And Gas Workforce


 Turning Hope Into Reality

Getting employees to apply training on the job supports company growth.

 Watson And Workforce Management

IBM’s newest computing system can help managers make timely hiring decisions.