CGG said it will begin acquisition of a new multiclient survey of up to 40,000 sq km of 3-D data offshore Mozambique after the company signed an agreement Mozambique’s Instituto Nacional de Petroleo (INP).

The survey will cover the Beira High in the Zambezi Delta, including blocks Z5-C and Z5-D and surrounding acreage, CGG said in the release. Deliverables will include fast-track PreSTM, final PreSTM and PreSDM. The seismic data will be imaged with the latest 3D broadband deghosting and advanced demultiple, velocity modeling and imaging techniques, including full-waveform Inversion, the company said.

This survey is part of a JumpStart geoscience program that aims to improve the understanding of the prospectivity of the region, CGG said. Marine gravity and magnetic data will be acquired simultaneously with the seismic to accelerate regional interpretation.