A new land rig design offers shale drillers 2,000-hp drawworks and reduced footprint.

Follow unconventional rig activity across the United States.

Advanced completion technology prevents excessive production of gas after breakthrough occurs.

Rice Brothers Look To Transform Industry Through Fracking Software Investment

Rice Investment Group recently closed on an investment in Cold Bore Technology, a fracking software company the brothers behind Rice Energy see electrifying the oil field. 

Nine Expands With $493 Million Magnum Oil Tools Acquisition

Analysts expect the acquisition of Magnum—the number two player in dissolvable frack plugs—to give Nine Energy Service ‘incremental exposure’ to the downhole tools market.

Market forces mandate better evidence-based tools to drive decisions in oilfield services pumping operations.

An analysis predicts costs to climb as core areas mature.

The digital oil field is not a technology issue; it’s a business model issue.

Report: As Wind Projects Age, O&M Costs Will Rise

The phasing out of the Federal Production Tax Credit will mean a decline in new wind projects and increased operating and maintenance on older assets.

Lost in the news of record-breaking production and impressive rig counts is the increasing rate of decline in production in the Permian Basin.

Tailored drilling software and optimization services offer cost-effective options.

Renaissance Oil Corp. got an early foot in the door to develop these potentially giant fields.