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Battle Underway For Rockies' Well Stimulation Market Share

Halliburton is easily on top in the D-J and the Greater Green River basins, but ceded share in the second quarter.

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Completion Trends: Oklahoma's Kingfisher County Leads The Stack Play

Even though well completions in the Anadarko Basin fell during the first half of the year, Midcon operators have still remained active in the Stack, Scoop and Cleveland Sand plays.

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Permian Boosts Sand Demand With Longer Laterals

In some cases, sand volumes exceeded more than 1,800 pounds per linear foot on extended reach laterals in the Delaware Basin.

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Zipper Fracks Increase Market Share In Eagle Ford Shale

Halliburton dominates frack work in the Eagle Ford, where proppant use is averaging 400,000 pounds per stage, according to Hart Energy’s Heard In The Field survey.

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Bakken Shale Evolves To Lower Cost Slickwater Completions

Halliburton has grabbed the top spot in well stimulation and also leads the Bakken in remedial work, according to respondents to Hart Energy’s Heard In The Field survey.

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Halliburton Dominates Marcellus Shale Refrack Market

Meanwhile, a blanket of homogeneity overlies Appalachia completion techniques. The only exception regionally involves some of the hotter, deeper Utica wells, according to Hart Energy's Heard In The Field report.

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Operators Fine-Tuning Frack Programs In Midcontinent

The Scoop and Stack plays, which dominate the Midcontinent completions market, are both an island of gel and resin-coated sand in a sea of slickwater and bulk commodity sand.

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Operators Postpone Dry Gas Basin Refracks

While everyone is talking refrack opportunities in the Haynesville and Barnett, programs have been put on hold until commodity prices improve, including Devon Energy’s refrack effort in the Barnett.

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Predatory Pricing Hits Permian Pressure Pumping Market

Service providers in the Permian Basin see brutal competition as activity declines. One of the larger pressure pumpers is cutting prices further, despite negative margins, in a gambit to capture market share.

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Eagle Ford Completion Activity Falls Into Deep Slumber

Eagle Ford operators are pursuing routine remedial work to keep production up. Although refracks are being discussed, none are underway, according to Hart Energy’s Heard In The Field report.

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Pace Of Completions Slows Again For Bakken Operators

Bakken operators face the same problems operators face everywhere: $30 oil does not work economically. Few expect for things to change until sustained oil prices rise above $50.

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Refracks Are Talk Of The Town In Marcellus, But Few Implemented

Operators are sticking with “tried and true” in the Marcellus Shale until commodity price recovers, including large proppant loading on standard slickwater fracture stimulation treatments.