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Demand Seesaws For Drilling Services In Marcellus, Utica

The oil price bump in June created additional inquiries on the availability of drilling rigs in Appalachia. However, when oil fell in early August, inquiries for rigs in the region also softened.

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D-J, Uinta Basins See Minor Uptick In Drilling

Even though operators have increased horizontal rigs in the Denver-Julesburg Basin, there are mixed messages whether drilling activity is actually rising in the Greater Rockies' market.

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Midcon Drilling Efforts Shift To Meramec Shale, Stack Play

Oklahoma’s Kingfisher and surrounding counties saw drilling activity rise in the first half of 2016, with Newfield, Continental and Le Norman Operating leading the pack.

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Permian Drilling Declines As Operators Tackle DUCs

The Wolfcamp Shale gains share as operators in the Permian Basin decrease Spraberry and Bone Spring activity, according to Hart Energy’s Heard In The Field survey.

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Eagle Ford Drillers Expect Demand To Rise This Summer

Rig rates in the Eagle Ford Shale drop again - about $500 per day over the last 90 days - as demand for drilling services remain low.

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Sentiment Improves For Bakken Drillers Despite Low Demand

Drilling contractors in the Bakken Shale are scrambling to hold onto crews in anticipation of greater demand in the second half of 2016, according to Hart Energy’s Heard In The Field survey.

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Marcellus DUCs Stabilize As Drilling Slows To Snail’s Pace

Drilling activity in the Marcellus Shale is down by more than 80% from the peak as operators opt to complete the low number of drilled wells at discounts costs.

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Drilling Contractors Face Tough Market In Midcontinent

Rig rates in the Stack, Scoop and Cana-Woodford areas, which had been some of the last U.S. markets to maintain drilling levels in the current downturn, are now among the lowest in the country.

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Drilling Rig Rare Sight In Dry Gas Shale Basins

All is quiet in the Haynesville, Fayetteville and Barnett shales until operators see sustained natural gas prices of $2.90, according to Hart Energy’s Heard In The Field survey.

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Recovery Will Begin In The Permian, Drillers Say

A recovery in the Permian Basin might start with oil prices under $50, according to Hart Energy’s Heard In The Field report. Operators, meanwhile, continue to look at low cost vertical wells.

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Is the Eagle Ford Drilling Market Stabilizing?

Contractors in the Eagle Ford Shale report steady activity, but at extremely low levels. A majority of Hart Energy survey participants indicate the region needs $50 oil before activity improves.

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Hunker Down: Bakken Drillers Shut In Operations As Demand Vanishes

Contractors in the Bakken Shale say the market needs $50 oil before activity recovers. Several will await the arrival of summer to re-assess the situation.