October 2016

Cover Story

Satellite detection can be a low-cost alternative for offshore exploration.

One-dimensional models are acceptable for many modeling scenarios.

Low prices and a dearth of discoveries are not looking promising for the long-term health of the industry.

As I See It

The responsibility for surviving the downturn is being shouldered mainly by innovators and explorers.

Industry Pulse

Science needs to trump market perception.

Tight oil ‘have nots’ need a structural reduction on pre-FID costs to maintain their conventional portfolios.

World View

Some oil and gas companies are becoming true energy companies by investing in renewables.

Evidence is increasingly emerging in Norway that its recent lean-and-mean approach is paying dividends, reducing previously prohibitive costs to economically viable levels.

Market Intelligence

An improving natural gas market has Appalachian well stimulation providers hopeful for activity expansion.

Exploration Technologies

An old geophysical journal has found new life on the SEG website.

Drilling Technologies

Oilfield service companies and drilling contractors face a mountain of debt and are challenged to be able to wait out the downturn.

Completions and Production

The increasing role digital technologies play in production optimization could lead to the trading of hard hats for desktops.

Special Report

SEG will showcase the latest technologies to find the next great fields.


PLCs can deliver operational and cost advantages over RTUs in increasingly demanding multiwell pad operations.

The first system for fully automatic tripping is the result of the joint effort between a drilling rig manufacturer and an integrated operator.

Coupling two different specialized drilling techniques can produce significant benefits.

A revamped design will improve sensing power by 20 times, providing more accurate geological information for exploration.

Potential fields measurements bring a needed boost to geological interpretation.

Resilient characteristic of material compresses and rebounds with pressure changes.

The term ‘game changer’ is sometimes thrown around too easily, but it is completely deserved in the case of the giant vessel Pioneering Spirit.

Solution rises to challenge of debris resistance.

Service helps minimize both NPT and ILT.

Operator Solutions

Operators can calculate the risk and liability associated with their waste management policy.

Unconventional Report

When compared by vintage, both the Marcellus and the Utica have had improved overall EURs and IP rates since 2012.

Tech Watch

The Talamona manufacturing plant in Italy has been equipped with a completely automated production line as well as additive manufacturing capabilities.

Digital Solutions

The benefits of modern network connectivity in the field make for a better, safer and more productive operation.

Tech Trends

Check out the latest technology trends. 

Regional Report

A methodical approach led to successful market implementation.

International Highlights

Review some of the latest activity highlights around the world. 

On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, promotions and company news.

Last Word

Mid-riser pump system provides advantages of MPD while keeping a statically balanced wellbore.