November 2016

Cover Story

System provides operators with savings and efficiency for shale production.

And what a long, strange trip it’s been! Fifteen years of shale development have completely changed the face of the oil and gas industry.

Uptake on dissolvable plugs might be slow until some important questions are answered.

As a commodity item, many variations of the frack plug exist in the market, but what separates one from another are critical components such as drillability, wellbore debris production, effect on drill-up time and overall completion costs.

Technology improves efficiency and reduces NPT.

E&P first began writing about shales 15 years ago. A lot has changed since then.

The North American shale landscape has transformed over the last several years as the industry has ridden the waves of price volatility and has finally hit its first major downcycle for shale producers.

As I See It

Cost efficiency has been the upstream industry’s Holy Grail over the past year or so, but now it is increasingly focused on reducing project cycle time.

Market Intelligence

Recovery might be closer, but batch completions still not keeping up with batch drilling.

Exploration Technologies

New methodology finds shear information in P-wave data.

Drilling Technologies

Drilling contractors are reactivating rigs and rehiring former employees— both signs of shifting momentum in the market.

Completions and Production

R&D consortium releases its ‘bold new strategic plan to tackle industry’s biggest challenges.’


Ocean-bottom node surveys aid in subsalt illumination, reservoir management.

Benefits of AUV use continue to expand. AUVs are being used to survey and inspect pipelines and flowlines and to verify the integrity of subsea structures.

Applying advances in digital technology to the drilling process can maximize the EUR.

Combining real-time downhole intelligence, coiled tubing strength and flexibility, and continuous electrical power benefits fishing, milling, cleanouts, perforating and other operations.

WEI leads to improved amplitude fidelity and image resolution in the Jequitinhonha Basin offshore Brazil.

A lack of contractor and operator specifications has led to inadequate iron roughnecks.

Variety of tools and methods are available to optimize production without needing a workover rig.

Acoustic technology shows new benefits.

Offshore Solutions

Seabed gas compression has only just arrived as a proven production solution but is already being put on a diet.

Operator Solutions

Continually improving design, accelerating cycles of learning help drive efficiency gains.

Free online marketplace offers operators options to meet their water sourcing, recycling, hauling and disposal needs.

Unconventional Report

Texas holds some valuable acreage that continues to provide refuge in sub-$60 oil.

Tech Watch

New control valve trim delivers quiet, noncavitating and nonerosive service.

Digital Solutions

Challenges remain in implementing the digital oilfield concept to all operations.

Tech Trends

Check out some of the latest technology releases. 

Regional Report

Indonesia’s upstream sector, after a decade of production decline and several years of investor uncertainty, is finally upping its game.

International Highlights

Check out the latest activity highlights worldwide. 

On The Move

Check out the latest appointments, new hires, promotions and office openings.

Last Word

North Sea operators can’t change the oil price, but by achieving operational excellence they could change the real cost of the oil.