December 2016

Cover Story

The energy industry requires new thinking to lead tomorrow’s workers.

Despite a challenging environment, the oil and gas industry still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

The near-term offshore drilling market is one of the most challenged upstream sectors, with its long-term recovery—while undoubted—to lag behind any broader upturn.

Single-treatment microemulsion remediation chemicals provide production stimulation in wells damaged by a combination of factors.

Social risk should not be eliminated from the planning process.

As I See It

Identifying disruptive technologies is tricky, but filtering out hype from reality is half the fun.

Industry Pulse

As soon as the downturn began, service companies needed to begin preparing to train new employees for the turnaround.

World View

Saudi Aramco’s president and CEO outlines his four-point framework for success.

Market Intelligence

Until commodity prices improve and stabilize, the Eagle Ford will remain overshadowed by the high-flying Permian Basin.

Exploration Technologies

The latest SEAM project is focusing on life-of-fi eld seismic, geomechanics and reservoir simulation.

Drilling Technologies

The next generation of rig and completion technology will have more automation and better data integration to improve drilling times and increase production efficiency.

Completions and Production

New slimline ESP offers operators a solution for their small-diameter wellbores.


Fully coupled structural restoration and petroleum systems modeling improves exploration risk assessment.

New high-speed low-torque float shoe alternative uniformly distributes cement at the casing shoe.

Combining geostatistical reservoir modeling with classical basin modeling techniques helps predict sweet spots in unconventional reservoirs.

R&D efforts improve efficiency and construction execution.

Seize opportunities for improved efficiency in cemented completions.

Carbonate formations in the Middle East and in West Texas see significant increase in production post-stimulation with new service.

RFID technology expands capability to reverse-cement liners in depleted subsurface wells.

The next generation of pressure pumping systems delivers a cleaner, quieter solution to hydraulically fractured wells.

Shale Solutions

A new solution for extended laterals is a robust threaded and coupled connection that is 100% pipe-body rated and has enhanced torque capacity, high bending resistance and superior sealing capability.

Offshore Solutions

New GTL technology helps convert natural gas into hydrocarbon products.

Operator Solutions

Advances in technology boost successful development of new LWD and drilling technology offshore the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Unconventional Report

The U.S. shale landscape has transformed itself over the last several years and has finally hit the first downcycle for many producers.

Tech Watch

A joint venture will use air-to-fuels technology to produce synthetic fuels.

Digital Solutions

Military-level security systems and solutions safeguard against unauthorized access to master stations that provide remote control of actuators.

Tech Trends

Check out the latest technology trends and product releases.

Regional Report

Global exploration activity might be down in the dumps, but there’s a new exploration hot spot lighting up South America.

International Highlights

Read the latest activity highlights from around the world.

On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, promotions and company news.

Last Word

Valves, controls and humans all play important roles in ensuring safety in hazardous E&P environments.