February 2017

Cover Story

Careful preparation and collaboration deliver Gulf of Mexico installation win for Hess and Heerema Marine Contractors.

Developing new technologies and solutions is almost unfailingly a team task, and the industry is responding robustly to the collaboration clarion call.

HARC and Environmentally Friendly Drilling were awarded a project designed to assess all Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA) and related Department of Energy-funded projects for technology readiness.

Ruggedized control centers reduce downtime in harsh conditions.

Innovation delivers new approach to BOP testing in a single trip.

As I See It

It’s déjà vu all over again, in the words of New York Yankees baseball legend Yogi Berra.

Industry Pulse

A recent survey asked for oil company feedback.

World View

Variety is the spice of life, or so they say, and that is an approach being adhered to by many of the world’s largest exploration companies.

Market Intelligence

The price per stage for well stimulation services moved higher in fourth-quarter 2016, signaling an end to the downward arc in well completion costs.

Exploration Technologies

New biological methodologies are being tested to improve the success rate in challenging fields.

Drilling Technologies

At year-end 2016 the Texas rig count was nearly double what it was in 2015, and the price of oil was double what it was in February 2016.

Completions and Production

Better collaborations are possible by following these three rules of improv.

Special Report

Having the best available equipment, training, clothing and accessories to help protect employees makes safety improvements possible.


The marine construction and heavy-lift sector is showing tentative signs of recovery after more than two years of pain.

Less product results in greater depth than the competition.

New polymer additives extend temperature limits.

Project aims to enhance recovery through better rock physics understanding.

New high-performance water-based drilling fluid system is a cost-effective option for shale wells with high-angle build and long lateral sections.

Reliable, cost-effective option for early production of unconventional wells delivers significant savings for North Dakota operator.

New technology more than doubles production in Utah well at nearly twice the depth of conventional ESPs.

New system provides direct hydrocarbon indicators through the combination of seismic and EM energies.

Protective membrane supports a high-pressure differential.

Offshore Solutions

Use of wired drillpipe in the Norwegian North Sea leads to significant time savings by enabling automation and optimization of the drilling process.

Operator Solutions

The prevalent myths surrounding biocide use are busted.

Unconventional Report

Data show falling breakevens and greater definition of the Bakken core.

As the oil and gas industry emerges from the previous two-year slump, producers have begun to green-light exploration of new fields and the development of existing projects.

R&D Spotlight

A groundbreaking initiative has seen a rare cooperation between two Middle Eastern NOCs as part of a JIP to develop an oil-in-water removal and media regeneration package.

Tech Watch

New method can potentially generate megawatts of power.

Digital Solutions

AR and VR address the problems of an aging workforce.

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Last Word

Achieving radical efficiencies will require radical collaboration and radical change.