JUNE 2017

Cover Story

The oil and gas industry harnesses the power of data analytics today to build better wells for tomorrow.

Once again E&P companies will need to overcome their barriers to new technology adoption.

Whether it’s intelligent sensors or augmented reality, operations continue to get smarter.

Follow these five rules for a successful data analytics project.

High-performance computing is vital for oil and gas companies.

Big Data can be used to power predictive analysis and lower well costs.

As I See It

Will the petroleum industry’s dreamers and schemers primed by science fiction embrace Big Data to fuel their future? The answer is most certainly ‘yes!’

Industry Pulse

More companies are adopting a new accounting system to safeguard against staffing fluctuations.

World View

Experts share their insight on Big Data applications and their use in the oil and gas industry.

Market Intelligence

Operators cast a worried eye toward 2018 as flat commodity prices and rising service costs combine with newly hired and inexperienced service industry personnel to create performance bottlenecks.

Strong demand has tightened the market for oil services in Appalachia and created delays in equipment availability for several operators.

Exploration Technologies

Recent events suggest the deepwater GoM is alive and well.

Drilling Technologies

Secrets contained in thumb-sized cores of reservoir rock are digitally revealed.

Completions and Production

Paradigm and Flotek subsurface AI systems help improve reservoir models.


Marine seismic isn’t the only realm where new technologies are making their mark.

The first global 30-in. CWD job using a customized PDC bit delivered time and cost savings in Mexico.

Drilling and sand control synergies improve well delivery efficiency for a challenging high-temperature well offshore India.

Redesigned bit body and enhanced blade geometry enable drillbit to withstand extreme drilling parameters.

Changing umbilical and cable designs support cost-effective deepwater production.

Reservoir quality and thermal formation damage can affect a sand design program.

Smart drillbit self-adjusts to reduce stick/slip risks.

Well-planned seismic acquisition overcomes terrain challenges.

Shale Solutions

A study of wells in the Permian Basin allowed one team to find value in overlooked assets.

Offshore Solutions

A new buoy swivel helps reduce maintenance downtime.

Operator Solutions

An operator in West Texas used a multidetector pulsed-neutron tool to improve its development scheme.

Unconventional Report

A grim 2016 can’t keep these giants down for long.

As more political appointments fall into place, the Trump administration is poised to deliver more energy-related executive orders and revocations and reviews of existing regulations.

Tech Watch

Advanced flexible polyurea coatings applied directly to the substrate or preapplied to geotextile liners provide seamless containment for facilities and field applications.

Digital Solutions

New platform offers the ability to tailor workflows and improve production across thousands of wells.

System meets new internal safety standard requirements while reducing downtime and improving visibility.

Tech Trends

Check out the latest technologies, products and services. 

Regional Report

Several recent OTC presentations indicate that the huge South American country is ready to start anew.

International Highlights

Check out the latest news highlights from around the world. 

On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, promotions and other company news. 

Last Word

The quest for new technologies and new ways of working must never be put on hold.