September 2017

Cover Story

Frontiers are being expanded for offshore seismic acquisition.

Interpretation frameworks help accelerate understanding of frontier and mature areas.

Uncertainty can be quantified in a final velocity model and image to provide additional deliverables to de-risk prospects.

A recent conference examined winning strategies for exploration companies.

Technology continues to improve and impress. But the subsurface remains as inscrutable as ever.

As I See It

The Zama-1 discovery could be just the beginning for Mexico’s next chapter.

Industry Pulse

Shale’s next great challenge is embracing all the possibilities of digital.

World View

Statoil economist shares insights in a forecast that extends through 2050.

Market Intelligence

Sustained commodity pricing in the low $50s for West Texas Intermediate—and $3.20 or above for natural gas—would expand demand for all oil service lines in 2018.

Exploration Technologies

The report of exploration’s death is an exaggeration.

Drilling Technologies

Oklahoma is on trend for fewer earthquakes in 2017.

Completions and Production

Water chemistry analysis helps companies better tailor their fracture fluids.

Special Report

The SEG conference will feature a vast amount of new products and services for the geosciences field.


Operators can capture significant value by combining advanced drilling techniques with CT.

A five-sensor-array logging tool expands reservoir characterization to locate bypassed reserves.

Encompassing uncertainties in a comprehensive way is vital when dealing with data from multiple sources, scales and interpretations.

New system could open up previously inaccessible fields.

Technology helps improve fracture geometry and placement.

With its fifth super lateral in the books, one Utica Shale independent is showing no signs of slowing in its development marathon.

Each stage of in-well completions impacts proppant performance.

Shale Solutions

An early engagement with a casing manufacturer leads to customer success in U.S. shale plays.

Rotary-shouldered drillpipe connection addresses the needs of a diverse market by balancing performance and reliability with cost-effectiveness.

Offshore Solutions

Advanced materials and processes hold promise for demanding environments.

Operator Solutions

Shale operators drive down lease operating expenses with modern field communications.

Unconventional Report

Despite high remaining EURs, activity is down.

As summer heat kicked into full gear, the Trump administration and Congress made several policy decisions and pronouncements during Energy Week (June 26 to July 2).

Tech Watch

A reusable sorbent that captures oil in the water column could revolutionize oil and diesel spill cleanup.

Digital Solutions

Online auctions offer shoppers an attractive alternative to traditional oilfield equipment and supply procurement options.

IIoT is a game changer for onshore monitoring and management of platforms.

Tech Trends

Check out the latest products and services from the oil and gas industry.

Regional Report

With vast recovery potential, Vaca Muerta could be the next site in the shale revolution.

Advancements in CT manufacturing help overcome Vaca Muerta shale challenges.

The acceleration of unconventional development in Argentina was punctuated earlier this year as several large international energy companies confirmed investments that will combine for $6 billion to $8 billion.

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On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, promotions and company news.

Last Word

Without a risk mitigation plan, data could be too easily accessible by others.