October 2017

Cover Story

New technologies unlock tight rock’s prize.

Liner hanger avoids high-setting pressure requirements.

Tool allows casing string to run to total depth.

Shale plays require nimbleness. But some huge companies can still play the game.

As I See It

Renewable energy sources continue to gain ground on fossil fuels.

Industry Pulse

A nonprofit organization offers financial assistance to industry workers in need.

World View

An executive shares how having a ‘front row seat’ to the progress of technology delivered a greater appreciation for the progress made by the oil and gas industry.

Market Intelligence

Digital directional drilling and demonstrated improvements in wellbore quality and speed is the latest disruptive technology on the well site.

Exploration Technologies

Happy endings do exist.

Drilling Technologies

Determined E&P pushes forward with its plans to develop shale in the U.K.

Completions and Production

A recent study reveals that predicting an artificial lift failure is possible through the use of analytics.

Special Report

Companies at SPE ATCE will be highlighting new products and services.


A rigless slickline ESP deployment proves to be a success for a Middle East operator.

Composites extend the life of offshore assets as a valuable corrosion prevention and repair option.

New approach makes humans, not machines, smarter.

Gravity data pick up dominant basement highs and anticlines in South Sumatra Basin.

A new system offers increased accuracy and higher spatial resolution.

A process automation platform manages repetitive tasks on the rig floor.

Smart lube decisions help extend equipment life.

New API rating system helps identify magnitude of equipment impacts.

Shale Solutions

Integrated bacterial control solutions extend the health of wells over normal life cycles and maximize cost efficiency.

Offshore Solutions

Treatment system improves quality of produced water.

Operator Solutions

A workflow was designed for selecting the optimal type of artificial lift for reactivating abandoned wells.

Software enables data-driven decisions to improve certainty and efficiency.

Unconventional Report

The U.S. Senate attempted to weigh in on the energy debate as legislation moved through the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Tech Watch

Are the customers satisfied? Retail and finance metrics can help maintain producing assets.

Digital Solutions

Deep digital shifts have reached an inflection point.

Tech Trends

Check out the latest technology trends in the industry.

Regional Report

High-efficiency HP/HT completion systems help operators deliver top performing wells.

Investments made by Middle East oil and gas producers are focused on adding new capacity.

International Highlights

Check out the latest activity highlights from around the world.

On The Move

Check out the latest promotions, new hires and company updates.

Last Word

Younger minds prevail, but solid science still needs to lead the way.