November 2017

Cover Story

A new alloy used in rod coupling leads to cost savings through reduced tubing wear.

Extended field trials at the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas demonstrate the effectiveness of a new alternative to triazine for H2S scavenging in direct injection and contact tower applications.

Advanced artificial lift system increases well production rates.

Tiebacks and waterfloods are breathing new life into mature oil and gas projects in the Gulf of Mexico, making them more economic.

Bringing New Life to Mature Fields

Well manager solution enhances flexibility, production and safety in large multiwell pad operation.

Remote monitoring, control and optimization capabilities are making hydraulic rod pumping units the wave of the future.

As I See It

Experimentation is worthwhile—within reason—to learn and grow.

Industry Pulse

Taking a cohesive approach to early-stage well construction can dictate the economic success of the entire drilling campaign. But why, unlike completions, is this critical stage rarely acknowledged as a distinct specialty with a single-source solution?

World View

The industry is challenged to keep costs low while working to meet a growing demand. Geophysical data play a big role.

Executive Q&A

The world’s biggest oilfi eld services company is breaking down internal silos and fostering collaboration in the oil and gas industry with the help of integrated software solutions.

Market Intelligence

The sharp increase in rate of change for oil service pricing that characterized first-half 2017 appeared to lose momentum at year-end. For 2018 it will depend on commodity price.

Exploration Technologies

Vessel deploys streamers and nodes while providing sources.

Drilling Technologies

Oklahoma independent finds success wedged between the Woodford and Meramec shales.

Completions and Production

New study suggests emissions are outpacing production rates.


Companies can centralize and standardize the work that gets done through the use of ROVs, AUVs and AR.

Automation advances continue shaping a new world for onshore drillers.

New technologies provide operators a means of getting real-time measurements.

A presalt environment requires a new LCM solution.

Chemical solution helps mitigate buildup and blockage issues.

New surveying methodologies are being tested to improve offshore inspections and provide a more comparative trend analysis.

Phenomenal success at the Atlantis Field shows that full-waveform inversion can truly unlock some remarkable reserves.

Shale Solutions

A vacuum-based system eliminates the traditional process of shaking fluid and solids.

Self-contained technology conditions high-Btu gas for use in drilling and completions operations in the Utica Shale.

Offshore Solutions

Comprehensive tests of fire-resistant water glycol fluids on common seal materials offer a guide to offshore operators.

Operator Solutions

The combination of corrosion technologies often provides the best and most reliable monitoring.

Unconventional Report

Eagle Ford oil and Haynesville gas are trending upward.

Tech Watch

New framework efficiently removes water and CO2 vapor from gases and improves methane gas storage.

Digital Solutions

Approach improves priorities without calling for compromises.

Digitalization offers a range of promising solutions for both greenfield and brownfield sites.

Tech Trends

Check out the latest technology releases from the oil and gas industry.

Regional Report

Several major E&P projects have come online in Malaysia and Indonesia in recent times, including Sapura Energy’s SK 310 B15 gas field and Eni’s Jangkrik Complex development.

International Highlights

Check out the latest E&P happenings around the world.

On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, promotions and retirements as well as new company office locations.

Last Word

Companies need to embrace innovation, help operators and drilling contractors change the way they work and improve their commercial operations.