March 2018

Cover Story

Overcoming resistance to AI can help implement better cybersecurity.

Rising oil prices have triggered a rapid increase in U.S. drilling activity.

Proactive strategies could positively affect the bottom line.

Complex wells with longer laterals are keeping demand high for super-specification land rigs.

System could lead to drilling cost efficiencies while also meeting environmental compliance.

As I See It

Falling breakevens, access to new acreage and sizeable reserves are keeping Latin America front and center.

Industry Pulse

The workforce could be the deciding factor.

World View

With a well test underway, one independent energy company works to decipher the Bakken’s EOR secrets.

Executive Q&A

André Araújo talks about the company’s plans and expectations for its future in Brazil.

Market Intelligence

A new suite of proprietary engineered proppant is headed to commercialization in 2018. Will it be enough to capture new share versus sand?

Exploration Technologies

Does WesternGeco’s departure from seismic acquisition signal the end of an era? And if so, what’s next?

Drilling Technologies

A more holistic approach signals the basin’s move from exploration to development.

Completions and Production

Operations business emerges from cancelled JV.

Offshore Advances

When some operating companies decided to abandon the Arctic three years ago, others joined forces to open what could be the largest undeveloped oil and gas province in the world.


A real-time monitoring system enhances operations in tidal conditions.

An integrated system expands the potential of underbalanced CT drilling to solve complex challenges.

A fresh take on production systems introduces expanded capabilities and new applications.

Determining indicators can help avoid downtime and event severity.

An automated approach ensures the best possible model for the reservoir simulator and better-informed field development decisions.

Plugs offer improved drill-out times and options in stage spacing.

Statoil’s Aasta Hansteen development put a range of technologies to work for the first time, illustrating the vital role innovation plays in breaking new ground offshore.

An expanded laboratory integrates physical and digital information from downhole rock and fluid analysis to modeling and simulation.

Shale Solutions

System enhances fracturing fluid stimulations.

Offshore Solutions

The IR2R model offers a system to address the issue of the high cost of oil and gas asset decommissioning as well as reverses the reduction in fish habitats.

Operator Solutions

The development of a new method will significantly reduce the cost and environmental footprint when plugging hydrocarbon wells.

CVD coatings add value to components and reduce operational costs by saving downtime and increasing productivity.

Tech Watch

The cone/slip shape design enables the use of more capillary lines and monitoring cables downhole.

Digital Solutions

Bits and bytes provide the fuel as data and AI propel the petroleum industry into the future.

The industry needs to rethink operational processes and use new technologies that boost operational efforts.

Tech Trends

Check out the latest technology advancements, innovations and services.

International Highlights

Check out the latest exploration, drilling and production news highlights from around the world.

On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, promotions and other company news.

Last Word

An increasing reliance on contractors is making risk mitigation a growing concern.