April 2018

Cover Story

An executive shares his views on how the oil and gas industry can benefit from the application of technology advances made in AI and digitalization.

Leading capital planning systems are providing exactly what the oil and gas industry needs to get back on its feet: automated systems, quality data, visibility, reporting and scheduling.

Equipping problem solvers for tomorrow’s challenges.

Digital technologies help expand access to well information.

Models encapsulating the reservoir, production processes, equipment and economics provide the opportunity to fully leverage available data.

Drones, AR/VR and wearable devices enhance the workforce’s efficiency while improving safety.

Cloud-based well completion systems help operators make data-driven decisions and improve performance.

As I See It

A change in mindset signals significant growth by the oil and gas industry.

Industry Pulse

Digital technology will transform the pace of change within the safety and risk sector.

World View

ConocoPhillips adds Alaskan acreage while seeing global production growth.

Market Intelligence

New completion techniques are lowering the cost per unit of gas production and spreading across the Haynesville—and to basins beyond.

Exploration Technologies

Major discoveries have been announced in the past few months. Can this success persist?

Drilling Technologies

The partnership between public and private entities continues to drive innovation in U.S. unconventional resource plays.

Completions and Production

As digital innovations take hold, the oil and gas industry is undergoing an evolution of its workforce.

Offshore Advances

Removing people from harm’s way is only the tip of the iceberg.


The Internet of Things is proving to have a place in production operations.

New telemetry systems are opening the path to full life-of-well pressure and fluid management.

Partnership influences product development that reflects changes in operational demands.

Drilling efficiencies are maximized with integrated MPD systems.

A nodal recording unit with a unique form factor leads to improvement in coupling and vector fidelity on land seismic surveys.

A slot perforating method saves time and reduces well abandonment costs.

A system has been developed to deliver cost savings by removing the need for cutting and pulling a casing when removing annular fluid.

Packaged engineered solutions can improve production from rod pump systems.

Experience and expertise combine to introduce a new business model, innovative products and novel concepts for subsea production.

Electroseismic technology is being tested in conventional reservoirs.

Shale Solutions

Low-density proppant use in slickwater applications can help improve reservoir contact and fracture complexity.

Reduced operation time between stages can lead to higher fracture complexity and improved drainage efficiency.

Offshore Solutions

New service approach saves operators time and money.

Unconventional Report

Investment and development activity picked up speed in 2017.

Tech Watch

Permanent spacers help fine-tune pump operations while enhancing safety.

Tech Trends

Check out the latest technologies and services.

International Highlights

Check out the latest activity highlights from around the world.

On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, promotions and other company news.

Last Word

New software will help operators see significant returns in 2018.