June 2018

Cover Story

Enhanced designs increase well productivities.

Creating reservoir flow profiles can enable better well and field management decisions.

A study of the Middle Bakken showed how physics-based multivariate analysis helps completion optimization.

Subsurface AI systems can help maximize efficiencies.

As I See It

Knowledge sharing ensures the offshore oil and gas industry is leaner and meaner in 2018.

Industry Pulse

New online options ensure greater access to training.

Technology transfer programs can fill the R&D need for small to midsize companies.

World View

The oil major sees deep water as a material part of its overall upstream portfolio.

Market Intelligence

Regulatory and recruitment headwinds are hitting oilfield trucking in a time of rising demand.

Drilling Technologies

The promise of big discoveries offshore South America is set to continue for years to come.

Completions and Production

Study shows improvements might be needed in appraisal programs.

Offshore Advances

New technologies are rapidly taking on traditionally ‘human’ tasks.


New technologies enable better repeatability and imaging.

Drillpipe incorporates coaxial cable to enable data-driven decisions.

A new multicomponent resin offers operators an alternative method for well barrier creation and repair.

Intervention system revives well production at reduced risks through data-driven decisions.

A smaller topside footprint is made possible with a single-unit system.

Riserless light well intervention technology is still talked about as if it’s a new technology, despite the first campaign being run in 1987. The technology’s possibilities are ever-expanding.

Advances in sliding sleeve technology drive efficiency and keep pace with growing completion program requirements.

High-resolution data, dense spatial sampling and near-offset/near-angle information are key elements for success.

Shale Solutions

An approach seeks to develop a better understanding of completion designs in the natural fracture network of the Permian Basin’s Wolfcamp Formation.

Offshore Solutions

Shell shares Malikai update while Exxon Mobil offers Hebron report.

An enhanced subsea system enables capital-efficient, flexible field development.

Operator Solutions

The need for more data processing capability and communication flexibility has led to the development of hybrid technology to do more for less.

Unconventional Report

Innovations in completions and the region’s high oil content factor into favorable economics and output growth.

Tech Watch

An industry partnership responds to changing industry needs with new SSSV design.

Digital Solutions

An industry survey shows increasing use of digitalization to ensure smoother operations.

The first step in winning the cyber threat war is being prepared.

Tech Trends

Check out the latest technologies and services for the upstream oil and gas industry. 

International Highlights

Check out the latest activity highlights from around the world. 

On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, promotions and other company news.

Last Word

An industry alliance is blending specialist expertise and novel technologies to improve oil and gas production performance.