September 2018

Cover Story

Operators see opportunities for production gains in legacy wells, refracturing and data analytics.

As I See It

With just four months left in 2018, operators are looking to exit the year flush with fresh production.

Industry Pulse

The labor force of the future will combine essential domain knowledge with digital savviness.

World View

Senior technology leaders at URTeC 2018 discussed how to get improved results in unconventional reservoirs and automation’s effect on the workplace.

Market Intelligence

A Goldilocks solution can lead to greater well density and improved reservoir recovery.

Exploration Technologies

AI can speed up seismic processing and interpretation, but it is still not an exact science. Companies are working to solve the hiccups. 

Drilling Technologies

Lost in the news of record-breaking production and impressive rig counts is the increasing rate of decline in production in the Permian Basin.

Completions and Production

Enhanced completion designs and improved economics draw investments to the D-J Basin.

Special Report

Companies at SPE’s annual technical conference and exhibition will be showcasing new products and services.


An LWD service provides operators with reservoir insight before, during and after the drilling operation illuminates and maps ultradeep reservoir and fluid boundaries in the wellbore.

Different sand factors affect coating selection and application to achieve effective silica dust control.

New service offers flexibility to switch between electromagnetic and mud pulse telemetry modes.

Expanding the toolbox provides the best technologies for the job.

Biochemical-based treatments are transforming paraffin maintenance into a documented revenue generator.

A subsea CT scanning system enables operators to overcome inspection challenges.

An operator controls proppant flowback by utilizing a new liquid additive.

A proppant silo system increases efficiency and storage capacity.

Seismic is not always a standalone tool in stratigraphic traps.

Shale Solutions

Challenging reservoirs requiring longer laterals drive demand for improved semipremium connections.

Operator Solutions

Modularized production systems streamline field installations.

A new packing system cuts maintenance time in half for fracturing operations.

Unconventional Report

Appalachia gas production continues its record-breaking climb.

Tech Watch

Synchronization of systems offers automation capabilities.

Digital Solutions

Systems provide field measurements of drilling riser and wellhead stress in real time.

Platform enables operators to better optimize maintenance needs.

Tech Trends

Check out the latest technologies and services for the upstream oil and gas sector.

International Highlights

Check out the latest activity highlights from around the world.

On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, promotions and other company news.

Last Word

The use of a third-party consulting company can help ensure an E&P company’s continued success.