Increase Production and Reduce Costs; New Fiberglass Sucker Rod Technology Outperforms Steel Sucker Rods

Event Date 
Tuesday, November 3, 2015
Hart event 


Sucker rod lift pumping systems have a long history as a proven method of artificial oil lift. More than 20 years ago, fiberglass sucker rods were introduced as an alternative to steel sucker rods. Recent fiberglass rod technology improvements have created compelling advantages over traditional steel sucker rods. In this webinar, John Crane will discuss how fiberglass sucker rods can outperform steel sucker rods by increasing production, reducing capital and operating expenses, improving corrosion resistance and handling higher loads than previous technologies. Specific examples will be used to illustrate how these benefits are achieved and recent technology development will be presented. What you will learn: How fiberglass sucker rods outperform steel sucker rods in oil production, corrosion resistance, capital cost and operating expense. Case study examples of how oil well operators can increase production and reduce costs with fiberglass sucker rods.